About the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC)

The AoEC exists to both provide the highest quality accredited coach training to individuals and to manage culture change at all levels of an organisation with both small and large scale developments.

We do this through a combination of expert consultancy, coaching, training of internal coaches and leadership and management development in the UK and Globally.

AoEC has an international faculty and the largest pool of coaches trained to the highest global professional standards along with an expert consultancy team. Our success will be built on our reputation, ethics and values and your outcomes.

Our Mission

We transform individuals, teams and organisations globally through world-class, accredited executive and team coach training and coaching-based solutions for organisations.

Our dedication to customer service, inclusive culture and strong ethical approach to business helps everyone we work with realise their full potential.

Our Values

We believe that we all know deep down what is the right thing to do

We are loyal to each other. We support each other in pursuit of success as a whole team

We try out new ideas and collaborate with exciting individuals who share our values

We have honest open conversations with respect for everyone and avoid gossiping

See our principles values in more detail here.

More About AoEC

Executive Coaching is one of the most versatile and powerful change management tools available to organisations today.

The provision of executive coaches as part of a well designed and integrated executive coaching programme will provide you with outstanding results that ensure maximum Returns On Investment.

It will help you:

  • Facilitate the change in attitude and behaviour to ensure your people deliver the desired results.
  • Develop the talent and potential of your leadership.
  • Improve the performance and effectiveness of your managers.
  • Significantly improve the culture and therefore motivation of your people

You are guaranteed quality because we are one of Europe’s most highly respected, informed and innovative providers of expertly trained executive coaches.

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Building a Coaching Culture starts here

Most leaders are aware of the pitfalls of complacency and the high risk of resistance to change.  Seeking support to manage culture change should help you on a defined path to success with an AoEC consultant coach working alongside you.

Working with a trusted advisor, an expert in the field of coaching who can help to develop a plan and model aligned with your organisational values and strategy is what we do well.  In keeping with our philosophy of not restricting your organisation to one model, we create solutions based on a variety of tried and tested models and experience of what will work well for you.

We help you to identify demonstrable goals, and plan and execute the delivery of both large and small scale interventions.  We work at all levels in the organisation to embed sustainable change and encourage a culture of inspirational and trusted leadership, employee engagement and talent management.

Our services include:

  • Expert consultancy
  • Bespoke and tailored options
  • eLearning capability
  • Developing accredited internal coaches
  • Supplying and matching external accredited coaches
  • Building future leaders
  • Providing coaching skills training at all levels of the organisation
  • Team development
  • Options for a range of continuous professional development from thought leaders
  • A focus on specialist areas such as resilience and wellness and recovery through carefully selected and valued partners.

Contact us to begin the conversation:
Karen Smart – Head of Consulting  at karen.smart@aoec.com

We believe in coaching you to be a coach, to be the best you can be. We don’t just teach coaching methodologies, we work with you to identify and develop your own model, your own style, your own “signature presence”.

Coaching Skills

This Certificate is the ideal way for anyone looking to take their interpersonal skills to the next level, as well as those considering integrating coaching into their work or as a career.

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Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching

Building on the power of coaching covered in our Certificate course, we explore coaching’s key principles, develop your unique style and equip you with a toolbox of coaching skills.

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Advanced Practitioner

Transforming experienced coaches into exceptional ones, the Advanced Practitioner Diploma is designed to give you the theory, practice, learning materials and long-term support.

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Systemic Team
Coaching Certificate

Develop confidence and practice working as a team coach on this experiential certificate programme designed for coaches and consultants looking to work with business teams.

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Systemic Team
Coaching Diploma

The highly experiential nature of this programme enables you to learn and apply the disciplines of Systemic Team Coaching®, broaden your theoretical knowledge and deepen your skill base.

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Online Senior Practitioner Diploma

We understand that learning needs to be accessible and fit in with busy lifestyles, our online senior executive coaching programme is for experienced coaches looking for the next step.

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