The importance of individual accreditation and credentialing

With an estimated 89% of coach practitioners who have attended accredited or approved coach-specific training through a training program or university, it has over recent years become abundantly clear that credibility is important to coach practitioners. Personal accreditation or credentials aren’t only important to coaches, however, it is important to organisations as well, with a reported 83% of coaching clients that expect a credential from their coach practitioner. Those who hold a credential typically receive more clients who pay higher fees and make greater annual revenue from coaching than their credential-less counterparts.

As a coach, you will be expected to gain accredited coaching training to be able to apply for any personal accreditation to become a qualified coach. This is why the importance of an accredited training programme during coach training cannot be overstated. In order to truly succeed at being a coach practitioner, accreditation and credentials are required, and the best way to do this with ease is through an accredited training program.

At the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC), we believe in supporting your development to be the best you can be. Our flow of coach training programmes can take you from newbie to Professional Certified Coach.

Individuals who wish to become an accredited executive coach are welcome to meet us and have any questions answered at one of our free executive coaching open events.

We have put together an Accreditation Guide to help you to identify the main Accrediting Bodies and which one may be right for you.

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