Systemic Team Coaching 

Effective team working brings about sustainable growth in quality, innovation, market share and profitability. The team coaching interventions we have identified can accelerate growth across the full team.  

This will deliver:

  1. Integrated team functioning that maximises the diversity and difference in personality, style and skills
  2. A real commitment to a common belief and shared purpose that will inspire the team to greater heights
  3. Clarity on what it has to achieve – the results it needs to produce for the business and key stakeholders
  4. Shared responsibility to deliver on the agreed objectives and enable challenge to each other to be accountable to the collective goals
  5. Develop effective distributed leadership so each team member is willing to stand up and lead in their area of expertise. The designated team leader knows when to step back and forward.

AoEC Team Coaches  

AoEC systemic team coaches are at the forefront of the evolution of systemic team coaching which looks at the wider system and stakeholders rather than just the independent team. This is vital for sustained organisational development. The AoEC co-lead the only Masters in Systemic Team Coach training programme in Europe and our pioneers of this proven intervention.

We combine expertise in: 

  • High-level coach training – to get the rigor and depth of personal learning
  • Sharp and incisive facilitation of team meetings – to activate the best decision-making process
  • Challenging and inclusive team development skills – to build effective and collaborative relationships
  • Leadership development – to support individual and collective leadership that will give clarity in direction and flexibility in implementation
  • Organisational consulting – to ensure the wider system is always included in the teams focus and actions
  • Business Management – to ensure that our work is grounded in an understanding of how businesses work.

We work in co-leading pairs to bring different perspectives, skills and experience. The dynamics of the team coaches can model, mirror and influence the team with great benefit and profound impact.

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