Celebrating a Training Delivery Milestone

To celebrate the 100th Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching programme which runs in February 2018, our graduates and members of the team have shared their thoughts and feelings about the programme, some on how it has impacted them and their coachees and others, on what they’ve found most useful about the training.

Members of the team share their thoughts:

Gina Lodge


“The Practitioner Programme has always held a special place in our portfolio of coach training programmes. So many stories have been told by those who have taken part, sharing the significant, positive, and life-changing impact this has made for them both professionally and personally.

Our highly skilled faculty have consistently brought alive the meaning of what it means to be a coach, and we have been privileged to be a launch pad for so many talented individuals to go out into the world as accredited coaches either within a business or as an independent coach and make a positive change to the world of work.”

“Whilst I’m sure we would all agree Coaching is not therapy – there are many differences – I would argue that Active Listening is a powerful therapeutic intervention. So, the psychological underpinnings of coaching as a helping strategy, is important to understand (increasingly so for Advanced Practitioners)

At the AoEC we don’t prescribe any one coaching model. Instead, we support our learners to develop their own unique model or articulate their practice in the form of a model. Whichever model a coach uses the one fundamental influencing the coachee’s experience is the person of the coach. For this reason “Who Am I” is a question we encourage our learners to ponder and explore – Who Am I and How do I coach (my model) results in a clear understanding and awareness of “Who I Am as a coach”.

Moira Halliday

Director of Training

Sarah Carrington

Practitioner Diploma Faculty

“As a member of the Faculty it is a real privilege to facilitate the learning of so many people on the Practitioner Diploma programme at the AoEC. We work with people from all walks of life and in all levels of business and hear stories of how the course has helped them to improve their relationships with their colleagues – and with their families – often to powerful effect.

We support participants to take control of their own learning and this experiential process often generates deep insights and profound realisations We are very, very proud of the high standards of coaching achieved by everyone who has graduated from the 100 programmes.”

Hear from our Practitioner Diploma graduates:

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