Our Values

Our values sit at the heart of our organisation and inform how we work as a team, how we behave in society and how we treat each other, our programme participants and clients. We choose to be measured by these as much as by our academic results. You will see below a summary of these values and why they are important to us. Download our Code of Ethics.

We subscribe to the codes of ethics of both the International Coach Federation (ICF) and European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). We have also drawn up our own code of ethics which will give you clear guidelines on the practical application of our values, standards and guiding principles.


Walk the talk

We believe in the rigour of practising what we preach, both as an organisation and as a staff team. We expect graduates to do likewise, which in turn builds the integrity of the organisation. All the items below we expect of ourselves, and will endeavour to embody.

Life long learning

All our programmes form part of your learning journey. We expect you to leave with greater skills and be even more open to continually learning from experience.


Fundamental to good practice is a high level of integrity. Knowing your values and beliefs, so you are able to adapt and compromise while maintaining strong ethical boundaries.

Fun, humour and laughter

We lose so much by taking ourselves too seriously. Making mistakes and learning from them becomes so much easier when we can laugh at our own folly or misjudgment. We then convey this relaxed learning style to our coachees, taking the stress out of the work. See HBR article “Changing an organisation one laugh at a time”


While models give us the illusion that we know what we are doing, the reality is that we are constantly searching in a kind of fog with our clients for the best possible direction. We make choices and interventions out of a vast array of data, often guided more accurately by instinct than intellect.


If we are to adapt to changing circumstances, then being creative and innovative gives us more options and opportunities for action. We can make breakthroughs with our clients by coming to them from a completely different angle.

Frustration and anxiety

Healthy frustration and anxiety comes at the point when we have exhausted our tried and tested methods and they don’t work. Our mobilised energy is contained and seeking a way out. At these points we mostly leap for a simple solution to relieve the discomfort. The key is to tolerate the anxiety, for within it lies the seeds of a new, creative and untested possibility to emerge.

Self responsibility and self directed learning

There is no freedom without responsibility – a wonderful paradox which sums up the essence of self directed learning. You have the freedom to choose the optimum path of learning, but have to take considerable responsibility for negotiating and creating that reality. 21st century organisations are having to grapple with the empowerment dilemma if they are to survive in the complexity of a rapidly changing world.

Courage and risk taking

We learn best from understanding our failures and mistakes. This requires us to have the courage to take risks and experiment with new approaches / behaviours. Our greatest discoveries were made by those who thought differently and overcame the fear of ridicule and dismissal.

Our Purpose

Provide opportunities for transformation

Through expert facilitation we create exceptional learning environments where:

  • rigorous attention is paid to how you perform in relation to the group process
  • in skills practice sessions, you can experiment with new techniques and styles of coaching, make mistakes, get feedback from trainee clients, peer observers and faculty supervisors
    faculty provide cutting edge theoretical input, personal tutorials and expert supervision
  • e-learning tools and on-line intranet communication provide a blended learning environment
  • the rigour of the entry process matches the standard of training provided. Selecting the right trainee coaches for the right level of training
  • on a personal level, you will have a context where you can develop high self-awareness and EQ.

Deliver the highest quality coaching

The goal of the Academy is to train highly effective and ethical executive coaches for the business market. We are highly focused on maintaining international standards, hence the accreditation of courses at the highest level. Our coaches are coached to develop their own model based on sound principles and practice rather than being taught the ‘right’ model of coaching. This gives them a deeply integrated method and clarity about who they work best with and what they can achieve.

Foster a coaching culture in organisations

The wider purpose of the AoEC is to foster a coaching culture within organisations. We believe that managers and leaders who have coaching will substantially improve their communication, flexibility and performance. If those managers also learn to coach, they will manage with a coaching style, and the whole company will start to flourish . This will bring down staff turnover as people are more satisfied and motivated in their role. By training internal coaches with cutting edge knowledge and interventions, they are able to embed coaching as a core form of development within the organisation.

Promote best practice and high standards in the coaching profession

The AoEC is fully committed to the highest standards demonstrated by our association with all the major professional bodies. Our accreditation with Middlesex University establishes the academic standard of our training. We keep up to date with the latest research and are present at all the professional conferences, so we keep abreast of new theories, methodologies and practices. We are fully committed to supervision for both of our faculty and our graduate coaches. Our accreditation process requires coaches and faculty to account for their professional development and supervision throughout their career.

Create an international network

By attending all the professional conferences we forge links with like-minded individuals and organisations. Our European programmes are creating a rich network of coaches in Europe and we are constantly seeking ways of connecting with colleagues in the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and US.