Financial Resilience for Your Coaching Business

Financial Resilience for Your Coaching Business

This workshop will provide an overview of financial resilience and how it applies in business, together with strategies for building and running a financially resilient coaching business during times of uncertainty.

As coaches, resilience is at the core of what we do, guiding our clients to become more resilient and bounce back from difficulties.

The same concept applies to our businesses. There is no denying that the way we work as coaches has changed lately, and so has our clients’ circumstances. Financial resilience plays a crucial role in navigating our businesses through challenging times, which is what we will address in this workshop.

During the 3-hour workshop we will provide you with tools and you will engage in exercises to help you stay financially and mentally resilient during times of uncertainty and change.

From finance practicalities like revenue and cashflow, to money mindset and attitude to selling, we will explore them together.

There will be time for you to apply the tools to your own business, brainstorm ideas with other coaches and ask questions.

You will walk away with an analysis of your business and mindset, as well as an action plan for what you need to focus on to maintain or increase your financial resilience.

Event details

DateFriday 23rd April 2021
Time09.30am - 12.30pm BST
VenueZoom - link will be sent once your register
Booking email to book your place.
Places will be limited to 40 on a first come first served basis.

About Alisa Barcan

Alisa is the founder of The Savvy Cornerand as a Financial Coach and Business Mentor, she helps coaches build financially viable and sustainable coaching businesses.

Her clients and audience are individuals who are passionate about coaching and wish to make a great impact but don’t know how to turn their passion into a business.

With a background in accountancy, she imparts financial knowledge to her clients but also helps them identify and change bad money habits and beliefs that prevent them from confidently selling their services.

Her approach to building a business revolves around financial viability – can your business support you and itself financially?

You can find her on YouTube, LinkedIn and Medium.

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