Mind over Christmas

E-mentalist with Luca Volp

Mind over Christmas

With the health of us all in mind we are putting on a virtual Christmas event which is some fun to help keep spirits high!

7th December 2021
17.00pm - 17.30pm GMT
Venue: Zoom
Cost: free

This is a fully interactive show with Luca needing audience participation in order to do his tricks! There will be a Christmas theme to it too with some festive tricks for all to enjoy!

What is it? Mentalism is a branch of magic where practitioners, known as Mentalists, demonstrate highly developed mental or intuitive abilities and illusions of the mind. Our mentalist Luca has two shows for you to choose from.

E-Mentalism: A bespoke mentalism online show perfect for online corporate events. You will witness impossible mind reading demonstrations, persuasion techniques and incredible predictions.

Book your place
If you would like a place please email Vicky Routledge - vicky.routledge@aoec.com as soon as possible. Places are limited to 60 people.