Stories for Life (TM)

- with Storyteller and Coach Cara McCarthy

Working with the archetypal and symbolic potential of story, Cara weaves live storytelling with reflective coaching techniques to facilitate transformative behaviour through renewed awareness.

Though deceptively simple, fairy tales are rich with symbolism, metaphor and archetypal images that may help people, leaders and teams to make meaning of the challenges they face, define their goals and discover resources to achieve them.

Fairy tales can be enjoyed simply for the entertaining and curious tales they are, yet the naiveté with which they present universal human themes makes them a powerful tool for personal development. They have much to teach about navigating change and ambiguity, remaining resilient through uncertain times, pooling skills and resources to succeed against the odds, and they consistently point to the value of curiosity, empathy, humility and courage.

During this session, we will unfold what the story may have to say about several themes, including:

• Connecting with your intuition to develop strategies to support your resilience and wellbeing.
• Navigating thresholds and invitations to step into uncertainty.
• Investing in your ability to respond as a whole, creative and resourceful person.
• Noticing connections to your personal development and application to your coaching practice.

Together we will explore a range of techniques: to unfold the story’s wisdom, including:

• Forming a personal inquiry on an issue in your development or practice that would benefit from greater awareness, clarity and courage.
• Deep listening and a mindfulness exercise to connect with feelings and thoughts.
• Guided visualization, drawing on imagery within the story, to discover resources and gifts that support awareness and choice-making.
• Archetype Coaching: reflection on coaching questions drawn from the archetypes present within the story.
• Confidential conversations in pairs or trios to deepen and share insights.
• Group discussion on the themes in the story, reactions and curiosities, and connections to practice.

Stories for Life, Leaders and TeamsTM

This workshop is part of the Stories for Life, Leaders and TeamsTM suite of transformational storytelling experiences.
Stories for LifeTM
explores themes supporting wellbeing and resilience.
Once Upon a TeamTM
accelerates team development.
A Wise HourTM
is a uniquely guided group coaching experience to support discovery, expand our choices and gain actionable insights to fuel our lives and leadership!

Introducing Your Storyteller-Coach:

Cara McCarthy

After a lengthy career in the City of London, Cara followed her love of stories to the School of Storytelling at Emerson College where she trained as a storyteller.

Unfolding the archetypal and symbolic potential of fairy tales, Cara holds transformative storytelling spaces that empower people, leaders and teams to unlock their creative and intuitive capacities, unleashing awareness, inspiration and action.

Cara is a leadership coach, systemic team coach and an Organization Development specialist. Prior to setting up DesertSpring Consulting, Cara was Head of Organization Development, Culture and Talent at M&G Investments, a leading UK and European investment firm.

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Event details

DateFriday 26th November 2021
Time13.30 - 16.00 GMT
VenueZoom - link will be sent once your register
Booking email to book your place.
Places will be limited to 30 on a first come first served basis.

Our huge thanks to Cara for providing this session today.

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