Systemic Team Coaching® 

Driving Team Performance

The AoEC works with Teams to deliver outstanding and sustainable business results.


  • Our unique and powerful diagnostic tool exposes and exploits previously unseen opportunities
  • Sharp and incisive facilitation of team meetings activates best decision-making process
  • Challenging and inclusive team development builds effective relationships
  • Leadership skills that foster collaboration and clarity of direction
  • Systems awareness ensures that the team is constantly aligned with the organisation
  • Consistently focused on achieving business targets
  • Executive coaching provides rigor and depth in personal learning

AoEC Team Coaches  
Passionate about making a difference, AoEC are at the forefront of Systemic Team Coaching®. The AoEC co-developed and deliver the only global Systemic Team Coach training programme. Our proven approach is based on decades of research and experience.

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Tel: 0208 916 9063

Systemic Team Coaching® Case Studies

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