Systemic Team Coaching Certificate
07 – 09 May 2019 [change course]

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This highly experiential programme is designed for individual coaches and organisational consultants seeking to develop a team coaching practice*. Now more than ever, organisations are looking at how to motivate and manage their teams in a period of change and uncertainty. The time is ripe in the coaching market to differentiate Systemic Team Coaching® from other forms of team or group development and to extend the definition and body of theory and practice in Team Coaching.


  • Gain an understanding of the AoEC theory and practice of Systemic Team Coaching®.
  • Learn the STC® Process through which the coach contracts with the client system, builds deep awareness of the team’s needs, shapes, designs and undertakes the coaching work, and facilitates learning review.
  • Understand the distinction between groups and teams and how Systemic Team Coaching® differs from other forms of team development.
  • Learn the Hawkins 5 Disciplines Model of team coaching: 1) Commissioning, 2) Clarifying, 3) Co-Creating, 4) Connecting, 5) Core learning, and the activities of the Systemic Team Coach in these disciplines.
  • Explore the implications of team coaching for the coaching contract, especially confidentiality, where the team is the boundary not the individual.
  • Gain exposure to models that explore the nature of group functioning and experience them live in the room.
  • Focus on Self as Instrument – utilising physical senses, rational, intuition and body-sense as the ‘data collector’ and sense maker.
  • Gain insight into the depth of learning and practice that happens on the full 1 year Master Practitioner Diploma STC Programme.
  • Learn how to utilise the Team Connect 360 diagnostic instrument for use with client teams in Step 2 of the STC® process – Inquiry/Re-Contracting


London; Bonhill House
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Systemic Team Coaching Certificate
07 – 09 May 2019
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