The Management Shift Accreditation Programme for Coaches now open for enrolment

9th October by Lee Robertson

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The Management Shift Accreditation Programme for Coaches now ope

The Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC) is pleased to announce the addition of the Management Shift Accreditation Programme for Coaches to its portfolio of professional executive and team coach training.

The launch follows the appointment of Professor Vlatka Hlupic who joined the AoEC as honorary president in March 2020. Based on Professor Hlupic’s life’s work, the programme is aimed at experienced coaching practitioners working with senior executives, board members and team leaders.

Offered by the AoEC in partnership with the Management Shift Consulting Ltd, this online course offers a practical and progressive approach to diagnosing leadership issues and focuses on shifting mindset and organisational culture to a new level of thinking, performance, and ultimately business success.

Founded on an evidence-based development model, the programme is designed around Professor Hlupic’s Emergent Leadership Model which correlates to five stages of individual and organisational development. Each level is characterised by specific mindsets, beliefs, use of language, leaders’ behaviour, and organisational outcomes and the Management Shift approach provides coaches with new tools, techniques and theories to enable leaders to go through their own ‘Big Shift’ and achieve sustainable change.

The programme is fully self-directed and runs over three stages and comprises a total of 21 learning modules. Expected to take 10 days to complete, participants have access to a range of multimedia content and are supported with online assessments, reflection, and practise. Upon successful competition, participants receive a two-year renewable licence to use the Management Shift® materials and tools and a certificate of attendance up to 54 CPD hours.

Professor Hlupic commented: “I am delighted that our new The Management Shift Accreditation for Coaches Programme is being launched in collaboration with the AoEC. This e-learning programme will train the coaches using The Management Shift material and tools to help leaders go through the ‘Big Shift’ from old to new ways of leading and create workplaces that are more purposeful, humane and successful, whilst spreading the ripples that will affect their organisations and a wider society.”

She continued: “We agreed this partnership as both The Management Shift Consulting Ltd and AoEC share similar values, mission, and purpose – to make this world a better place through transforming leaders and organisations. This is now more important than ever.”

Gina Lodge, CEO of the AoEC said: “This is a hugely important partnership for the AoEC and we are thrilled to launch the programme and make Vlatka’s expertise and thought leadership accessible to everyone. This programme comes at a time where good and purposeful leadership has never mattered more, and we hope this will be instrumental in helping move thinking and practice. We live in an age where transparency, trust and purpose are everything and leadership styles need to adapt to reflect that. This offers a big step change, and it will help coaches better enable the leaders they work with to make an even more significant contribution to the organisations, people and communities they serve.” 

The Management Shift Accreditation Programme for Coaches is available to coaches worldwide and costs £3,300. To find out more please visit the programme webpage.

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