Understanding Resilience in Coaching Workshop

Understanding Resilience in Coaching Virtual Workshop

Using individual case studies from our faculty's own coaching experience, this half day virtual workshop will help you explore resilience and its impact on your coaching practice. Resilience coaching accounts for clients' experience of stress, control, and change and explicitly works to enable higher adaptability in clients so they can move towards their goals more successfully and easily. Not confined to the individual, resilience coaching is also relevant to teams and organisations.

Mental health is costing UK employers up to £42 billion* a year in lost productivity, absenteeism and presenteeism. Statistics published by Time to Change, state that one in four British workers are affected by conditions like anxiety, depression and stress every year and that mental ill-health is the country’s leading cause of workplace absence – costing an average of £1,035 per employee per year. Many studies highlight coaching’s potential for building resilience and improving wellbeing and mental and physical health by helping people manage stress better.

  • Improve your self-awareness and insight into resilience and the relationship with stress, anxiety and burnout
  • Explore how resilience levels show up, so that you contract ethically and well, pace sessions and set realistic expectations 
  • Connect more with your own resilience and its impact for yourself and your clients
  • Explore some enablers of higher adaptability in clients so they can move towards their goals more successfully
  • Helps support individuals in being ‘change-ready’ during times of uncertainty
  • Supports employees to manage or avoid conditions such as stress, anxiety and burnout
  • Assists employees as they return to work
  • Reinforces the effectiveness of health, work and wellbeing strategies
  • Improves individual and team resilience and performance

What you will learn

About what resilience is and its role in coaching – How the Resilience Dynamic® can be used in practice to understand a client’s current resilience level.

The links between resilience, stress, wellbeing and performance – by examining case studies to take the ideas into evaluating your own clients’ resilience and also explore your own resilience.

More about the top three barriers faced in resilience coaching – and how top enablers of resilience can be applied effectively in your practice.

How you learn

Led by faculty, bringing real case studies from their practice, you will explore what resilience is and how it can show up via the frame of the Resilience Dynamic®.  

Based on the content of the book ‘The Resilience Dynamic®’ by Jenny Campbell, you will be working in small groups, with whole group summation to look at some of the ways that resilience shows up and how to adapt your practice to enable clients at different resilience levels.

Your learning experience

Learning is shared through faculty-led virtual sessions and the whole learning group which is facilitated by the faculty.

Your learning and development are always supported in a safe environment to encourage curiosity and reflection on how learnings from the case studies may apply to your own practice.


This half day workshop will provide a certificate of attendance up to 3 CPD hours.

This programme does not provide CCEs.


Who is this programme for?

Practicing coaches of all levels, HR practitioners and organisational design professionals.

How many people will be on the course?

This programme is limited to 16 participants to ensure a high-quality learning experience.

Is the course residential?


How do I apply?

You can apply for the workshop online. If you would like to find out more before applying, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be delighted to help you in any way we can.

Is there any pre-course work?

You will receive a copy of the book, ‘The Resilience Dynamic®’ by Jenny Campbell and will be asked to read a couple of short sections as preparation for the workshop.


You will work with our team of highly trained and experienced resilience coaches.

How much does the programme cost?

Th is half day programme, including the book, costs £175 + VAT.

What does the programme fee include?

Face to face programme price includes all study materials, refreshments and lunch.

If a virtual programme - lunch and refreshment will not be included.

Any requirements about where/how we show up?

For virtual sessions ensure that you have a quiet comfortable space without any interruptions.

Course Faculty

Anne Archer

Anne Archer Faculty

Anne Archer

Anne Archer

My passion is to shift perspective in mental health at work. We all deserve to thrive, and my approach is whole person whole life. I have a unique portfolio where I can address people in deep crisis to execs who want a bit more capacity in a full and rich life. This perspective is enabling in how I work with my clients. I’m a trusted companion, advocate, and critical friend. To facilitate a shift, I am a crisis volunteer for Shout; a Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Resilience Coach, Global Exec and Team Coach and facilitate changing perspective workshops. My greatest satisfactions come from seeing individuals grow in their capacity to thrive in life and for organisations to create the environment where to thrive is normal. Anne Archer MSc Psychology of Well-being; PCC, Accredited Resilience Coach, Advanced Diploma Exec Coaching (AoEC), Certified Supervisor of Coaches and Trusted Coach Directory member.

Rebecca Walker

Rebecca Walker Faculty

Rebecca Walker

Rebecca Walker

Rebecca is the owner of Unfold and associate faculty. She is a leadership coach and works globally with organisations, teams and individuals across a range of sectors. She works with executives and aspiring leaders to develop and transform their leadership performance, resilience and confidence. With over 20 years in corporate communications for clients such as BT, Barclays, Novartis, Legal & General, Olswang, Rebecca is experienced in developing and delivering programmes for managers and leaders on leadership, dynamic teams and resilience.

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