Understanding Resilience in Coaching Workshop

Resilience coaching accounts for stress, control and explicitly works to enable higher adaptability in clients so they can move towards their goals more successfully and more easily. Not confined to the individual, resilience coaching is also relevant to teams and organisations.


With the World Health Organisation (WHO) officially recognising burnout as an occupational phenomenon, chronic workplace stress with its displays of exhaustion, negativism and cynicism is beginning to be more widely understood as having a direct impact on employees’ performance.

There are many modern-day stressors to contend with in the workplace including dealing with external market pressures, structural changes within an organisation, a fear of change, awkward internal relations and a lack of clarity in a job role or function. If factors like these are not addressed, problems risk escalating with staff being left feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope.

Resilience is our ability to overcome and recover from difficult situations and be shaped positively by them. Being able to bounce back from adverse experiences brings the opportunity to grow and work our way through problems to successfully reach our objectives. Resilience can be taught and nurtured at any age, so our thought processes and actions can be trained to make us receptive to change by being adaptable and resourceful.

Reasons to enrol

Technological advances, economic volatility, political uncertainty, a shift in employee and stakeholder expectations and unyielding competition are just some of factors contributing to these unpredictable times. There is no such thing as a risk-free business and employers have a duty of care to ensure their employees are prepared to deal with the challenges they face in their everyday working life.

Mental health is costing UK employers up to £42 billion* a year in lost productivity, absenteeism and presenteeism. Statistics published by Time to Change, state that one in four British workers are affected by conditions like anxiety, depression and stress every year and that mental ill-health is the country’s leading cause of workplace absence – costing an average of £1,035 per employee per year.

Many studies highlight coaching’s potential for building resilience and improving wellbeing and mental and physical health by helping people manage stress better.

Coaching can be used to ensure employees are ‘change-ready’ by making them more agile and boosting their confidence. Coaching can also be used at the eleventh hour where individuals are already showing signs of depression.

Overview of the workshop

This workshop will give you an overview of working with stress, control and how resilience plays a critical role in your coaching work. The session blends theory with practice and you will:

  • Explore what resilience is via the frame of the Resilience Dynamic®
  • Discover the links between resilience, stress and wellbeing, and performance
  • Evaluate your own resilience
  • Coach and be coached on your resilience
  • Consider case studies of resilience, and take the ideas into evaluating your own clients’ resilience
  • Actively explore the top three barriers and try out tools for enabling two of the top enablers of resilience
  • Take at least one action away for your own resilience development

Who is the course for?

Practicing coaches of all levels, HR practitioners and organisational design professionals.

Course Faculty

Jenny Campbell
Jenny CampbellSenior Executive Coach and Resilience Researcher
Jenny is chief executive and lead researcher of The Resilience Engine. She believes that resilience is the foundation for thriving and being at ease, in any walk of life. She is passionate about making life better for people through the simple and deep findings of her resilience research. The Resilience Engine’s mission is to make the research findings accessible to all, and so the company has set about crafting online learning guides and toolkits and enabling others to become practitioners of the research. She has authored ‘The Resilience Dynamic®’ to further enable the understanding and development of resilience in leaders and managers.
Alison Kane
Alison KaneClient Services Director at The Resilience Engine
Alison is client services director at the Resilience Engine. She is an executive and leadership coach with a background in the oil industry. She works with leaders and teams across all sectors to transform performance. Alison believes that resilient leaders support resilience in themselves, their followers and organisations, and that resilience makes lives happier, stronger and more productive. In both her coaching work, and in delivering The Resilience Engine models and tools, she is passionate about making resilience real for everyone.

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