The stretch on leadership is upon us ever more so. Before Covid, the demand on leaders was already so extensive, from managing structural changes in industry, digitisation and big data, embracing – and indeed being held to account for – your environmental footprint, crafting a vision and set of values that spoke to Gen Z, all sitting on top of the day job of ensuring your customers and suppliers were satisfied, that you were efficient, and profit was being protected. And now Covid and what we will face going forward.

When demand is high, leaders and especially leadership teams need to keep perspective, be completely aligned in their message and action, empower autonomy of action in staff, and ensure that wellbeing and psychological safety are fully supported. With the World Health Organisation (WHO) officially recognising burnout as an occupational phenomenon, chronic workplace stress with its displays of exhaustion, negativism and cynicism is beginning to be more widely understood as having a direct impact on employees’ performance.  Wellbeing has to be at the core of successful organisations. And more so, resilience, which incorporates all of wellbeing, but extends this to ensure full adaptability.

Resilience is relevant in every part of this. Resilience is your adaptability; the measure of your resilience is your capacity for change. This incorporates of course what we are currently facing, the need to handle a crisis well in order to exit with forward momentum. Those organisations who had built resilience into their DNA now are finding it more easy to adapt in the face of the Covid crisis. Those who had not built resilience in are now overstretched, and in danger of folding. The good news is that high resilience is learnable. And so it lands on leadership to foster the conditions for this learning.

This is why Resilience Leadership is so vital. Delivered virtually across three sessions The Power of Resilience Leadership is pertinent for anyone leading and/or managing people, to handle this crisis well right now, and to build towards a sustainable performance in the future.

Reasons to enrol

The Resilience Engine has been researching resilience since 2007. We introduce in this programme, our most-used research model, The Resilience Dynamic®, the map of resilience and implications.

The key insights of this programme will show leaders the theory of resilience, and the steps they can take across their organisations to foster the conditions for high resilience. This takes into account mental health and wellbeing, and it takes into account key strategic capabilities that need to be created across the organisation. Of course at the heart of this is each leader fostering the conditions for their own resilience to flourish. By understanding your own resilience you can identify where you are on the Resilience Engine Dynamic® and how this may be affecting your reactions to challenges.

Understanding resilience will help you lead better. And it’s a time to invest in doing just that, on behalf of your organisation’s future success.

Programme Overview

The world has become more uncertain than ever before and presenting new challenges to the workplace. This masterclass will cover:

  • What is resilience and what it is not via the frame of the Resilience Dynamic®
  • Why resilience is a fundamental requirement for current and future leadership
  • Explain how resilience, control, stress and performance are linked
  • Group facilitated discussion where you will begin creating your future developmental pathway for your resilience journey.

We will take a look at what a resilient leader looks like and take a look at some simple practices you can start using to deepen resilience.

Who is the course for?

Anyone leading or managing people in organisations plus their advisors including HR practitioners, OD professionals and executive coaches.


Virtual programme – ‘The Power of Resilience Leadership’ – 7th, 8th and 9th July
The masterclass will be delivered virtually using Zoom consisting of 3x 90 minute sessions + pre and intersessional work.

Facilitate group work with Mark Powell – options are 21st, 22nd or 23rd July

Facilitated small group sessions of 100 minutes creating your future developmental pathway for your resilience journey.
Using peer coaching and supported by a facilitator you will create your own development map identifying your purpose, development goals, context and how this will impact your pathway.


990 USD  / £810 + vat.

Course Faculty

Jenny Campbell
Jenny CampbellSenior Executive Coach and Resilience Researcher
Jenny has two key roles within the AoEC. As part of the AoEC’s coach consultancy team, she assists organisations with leveraging coaching to support complex change, plus she leads on how to embed a coaching culture. Jenny is also chief executive and lead researcher of The Resilience Engine, which combines the resilience research and a coaching approach to enabling resilience in leaders and organisations. She is passionate about making life better for people through the simple and deep findings of the research. The Resilience Engine’s mission is to make the research findings accessible to all, and so the company has set about crafting online learning guides and toolkits and enabling others to become practitioners of the research. She has authored ‘The Resilience Dynamic®’ to further enable the understanding and development of resilience in leaders and managers.
Alison Kane
Alison KaneClient Services Director at The Resilience Engine
Alison is client services director at the Resilience Engine. She is an executive and leadership coach with a background in the oil industry. She works with leaders and teams across all sectors to transform performance. Alison believes that resilient leaders support resilience in themselves, their followers and organisations, and that resilience makes lives happier, stronger and more productive. In both her coaching work, and in delivering The Resilience Engine models and tools, she is passionate about making resilience real for everyone.
Mark Powell
Mark PowellHead of AoEC Singapore
Head of AoEC Singapore and seasoned leadership and performance consultant with a unique mix of experience – Australian with 19 years living and working across Asia; Corporate sector senior roles in Banking & Oil & Gas; Entrepreneur having started 4 businesses in 3 countries; Former International rugby referee; and strong supporter of diversity and inclusion.

Mark works with senior regional and global leaders, and executive teams, helping them to transform themselves and their organisational performance.
His portfolio includes C suite executive coaching, top team facilitation and supervision and development of other executive coaches.

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The Power of Resilience Leadership
Registration Closes: Jul 06, 2020 11:30AM
Singapore/Virtual Virtual 07 – 09 Jul 2020 $990.00

The Power of Resilience Leadership

Registration Closes
Jul 06, 2020 11:30AM



07 – 09 Jul 2020

$990.00 exc. VAT


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