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What is Resilience?

Making change and enabling change takes resilience. Change is at the heart of any leadership, whatever walk of life. Resilience is therefore relevant to anyone and everyone who leads.

Why is your resilience so fundamental to change? Because it’s a measure of how much change you can adapt to successfully. We can say therefore that resilience is our ability to reshape.

It’s an unusual definition. Most of what is talked about on resilience is about either coping or about bounce back. Both of these are elements within resilience, but they do not capture all of what resilience is, or indeed can offer.

Resilience Dynamic August 2015

The Resilience DynamicTM is the model that explains the different states of resilience, and how they are connected.

Course Summary

Attendance can be used as a first step towards a comprehensive Resilience Accreditation Programme beginning on January 24th 2017.

What will you learn?

You will

  • Gain an overview of resilience and become familiar with the Resilience Engine © models
  • Evaluate your own resilience
  • Work through real-life case studies and discuss as a group
  • Coach and be coached on one aspect of your resilience that comes up
  • Explore the implications for coaching on resilience
  • Take an action away for your own resilience development

This session will be a mix of theory and practice, and we will have the opportunity to actively coach.

Course Faculty

Jenny Campbell
Jenny CampbellFaculty
Jenny is a senior executive coach and resilience researcher. The two practices go hand in hand, providing rigorously researched insights together with tools and techniques for enabling the development of resilience in others. Jenny is dedicated to furthering our understanding of resilience in order to create the highest healthy and sustainable success possible. This is for individuals, teams, organisations, and more recently, communities. Her primary aim is to make the incredible ‘deep and simple’ findings of her research accessible by all.

She is a renowned public speaker on resilience, and brings her work out through publications and direct work with organisations and communities. She is CEO of The Resilience Engine, a business bringing the research findings into the world in an accessible way. The services include workshops, e-learning solutions and an accreditation programme which accredits coaches and consultants to facilitate resilience development in others. She currently leads a research collaboration into Team and Organisational Resilience, using action enquiry as the main research method.

Jenny has significant business and organisational experience through her commercial leadership roles in BP Europe, BT and O2. She has also worked in Strategy Consulting, helping high growth businesses. Jenny has led teams all across Western Europe, and has established technology partnerships between UK and USA companies.

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