Transactional Analysis


Eric Berne, a Canadian psychiatrist, originated Transactional Analysis (TA) in the late 1950s, as a theory of communication, personality and systems. It is now globally recognised in the fields of organisational development and education, as well as counselling and psychotherapy.

TA is considered an approach which is easily accessible yet highly applicable to coaches for understanding individuals, communication, relationships with others and with their organisational and private contexts.

Contemporary TA offers:

  • a picture of how people are structured psychologically
  • models of communication
  • theory of child and adult development
  • tools for understanding organisations and cultures
  • ways of working which emphasise co-creativity and relational impact

Programme Structure

This workshop will give a brief overview of the wide ranging repertoire of TA ideas that the coach may wish to consider in terms of the 5 arenas described below, and provide a more in-depth focus on one TA concept within each:

  • the presence of the coach – and the notion of the structural Adult ego state
  • the client – and the concept of psychologically inhabited roles
  • the relationship between coach and coachee – and the communication between
  • the organisational system – and the impact of the culture
  • the others in the system – and considering organisational games

Rosemary is a gifted teacher and having two days with her was a privilege. She has opened my eyes to the world of Transactional Analysis and it will influence the way I work with clients.

The course content and how Rosemary delivered it was excellent.  Everyone got so much from these two days, both for our professional and personal lives.

Course Faculty

Rosemary Napper
Rosemary Napper
Rosemary has been applying transactional analysis since 1990 providing training in TA in Oxford and internationally for others since 1996. She has been working as a coach and mentor since the 1980s providing coach training since the beginning of the 1990s both internally within organisations and independently. She has developed a major programme of coach training in Brazil.Using TA as her primary frame of reference, Rosemary has been working as an Independent Management Consultant, Trainer, and Facilitator, as well as Mentor and Coach for over two decades. In addition to training others in these areas, and training counsellors, she is also a Supervisor for others working in these ways.

She has been involved in this work in the Public Sector locally and nationally, in the charity sector, Life Assurance, Publishing,the Construction Industry,Financial Services, Retail, Education, the Transport sector, and as consultant to Management Consultancies. She has a wealth of experience in coaching and facilitating groups and has worked with all levels of management and leadership.

Rosemary is qualified in Transactional Analysis in three fields of application – Organisations, Education and Counselling – and is a qualified TA Trainer and Supervisor. She also provides supervision and training in each of these fields (all of which within TA can include the coach role).She has a Masters in adult learning, was a part-time visiting lecturer at Guildford University on the Change Agents Masters programme and at the University of Oxford on the certificate and diploma in psychodynamic counselling and psychotherapy. Rosemary was President of the International TA Association 2009-10.

Upcoming Course Details

Transactional Analysis
26 – 27 Oct 2020
Bonhill House, London

Transactional Analysis, 26 Oct 2020

Transactional Analysis, 27 Oct 2020

1-3 Bonhill Street, London EC2A 4BX United Kingdom

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