Is the Team you are in behaving more like a group than a team?

New thinking and research indicates that many Teams in organisations don’t actually team around working together because they are structured fundamentally differently. Instead, they are structured around working with people outside the team.
Teams like this are typically made up of people who all do very similar things and don’t actually need each other to do their work. Such teams are called Extra-Dependent Teams because individuals in them perform by depending on people outside the team rather than inside.

Treating Extra-Dependent Teams fundamentally differently provides new solutions to the same old troubling problems for managers who think they manage a group rather than a team. But Extra-Dependent Teams aren’t just good for the manager, they can be engaging places to belong in and as a concentration of specialist knowledge they have a unique potential to provide strategic value to any organisation.


David Kesby will take you through how to assess if you are in an Extra-Dependent team, the power that bonds such teams together, and how to harness the unique knowledge within the team to realise strategic value.


David Kesby

Organisational Development Consultant & Executive Coach with over 20 years’ experience. David spent 7 years in The Parachute Regiment of the British army and has developed hundreds of managers in dozens of organisations.
Currently, he is writing a book on Extra-Dependent Teams to be published next year by Routledge. David is the Chief Consultant Coach in our Consulting Team.

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