Trust has become the agenda in business

The world is ready for a different breed of executive; a leader with transformational, trust-building skills.

We are seeing a crisis in trust across many sections of society. Several institutions have been rocked by scandals in recent years and we have seen familiar names disappear from our high streets. It is crucial for business leaders to address this problem and rebuild trust.

The AoEC has recently partnered with John Blakey of The Trusted Executive Foundation (TTEF) to deliver The Journey of Trust, a full suite of trust-based leadership development opportunities to improve trustworthiness and transform the triple bottom line – results, relationships and reputation.

During the past 12 years, John has helped over 120 CEOs/MDs from 22 different countries to achieve their goals, as well as Team GB/England Coaches in rowing, cricket, diving and target shooting. As a result, he has been inspired to write ‘The Trusted Executive’, nine leadership habits that rest on three pillars – ability, integrity and benevolence.

The Journey of Trust

Through The Journey of Trust, the AoEC and TTEF will deliver the capability for leaders to become trusted leaders who impact the triple bottom line for their organisations.


The Trusted Executive Keynote (1 hour)

Dip your toes into the trust waters with this inspiring and thought-provoking keynote address designed for board level leaders and their teams. Participants will leave having experienced a ‘wake-up call’ with regards to the trust crisis in leadership and the implications for their own day to day leadership skills.

The Trusted Executive Survey

A free survey that can be used to gauge the trust pulse in your organisation. The survey uses a unique set of questions based on the nine habits trust model to assess the current level of trust in your organisation across different management levels. The survey has been developed in conjunction with Aston Business School.


The Trusted Executive Workshop (0.5-1 day)

A follow-up workshop with managements teams throughout the organisation where the nine habits of trust will be explored in detail. Participants will use a unique self-assessment tool to identity which of the nine habits of trust are their key strengths and which are those that need to be taken to the next level in a world where nothing can be hidden.


The Trusted Executive Coaching Programme (10-12 months)

A 10-12 month coaching programme for each trust champion in your organisation delivered by accredited AoEC coaches. The programme will use a unique 360 diagnostic tool to identify the specific trust habits that will feature in the programme. The habits will be developed using a suite of bespoke exercises, tools, techniques and case studies. The programmes impact will be measured via the achievement of specific triple bottom-line goals.

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