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Coach Training

On all of our courses we work with you to identify your own model and your own style.

We offer high faculty-to-student ratios, small groups and plenty of opportunity to put learning into practice.


Coach Training for your Business

Coaching concentrates on an organisation’s key assets, it's people - both as individuals and team members – and brings about profound changes in behaviour at every level.



Our Definition of Coaching.

Coaching is about improving leadership and management performance;  it is about using the inherent wisdom and knowledge the coachee has to find their own solutions.

It is about helping people discover, from their background, from their experience, from their own knowledge, their own way forward.

Open Events

We look forward to meeting you at one of our free Open Events where you can learn:

  • What coaching is and how it can improve performance
  • The difference between coaching, mentoring, counselling and consulting
  • The current landscape of the coaching market
  • What the AoEC has to offer you or your business
  • How we can help you build your coaching business

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The AoEC is the world's most highly accredited executive coach training company. Visit some of our international partners here:

Boston, Brazil, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Kenya, Ireland & Northern Ireland, Romania, ScotlandTurkey

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The Fertile Void - Gestalt Coaching at Work

The Fertile Void: Gestalt Coaching at Work

A practical, accessible, and yet genuinely authoritative handbook on the application of Gestalt to the world of executive coaching. In The Fertile Void John Leary-Joyce, a pioneer of Gestalt coaching, distils a lifetime's experience of Gestalt psychotherapy, coaching and coach training.