Systemic Team Coaching Diploma

Our ICF-accredited Systemic Team Coaching Diploma enables experienced coaches, organisation development consultants and team leaders to become among the most highly qualified team coaches in the field today.

One of the longest-running team coaching programmes available, this team coaching training deepens your practice by supporting you in applying your learning to a live client assignment. It offers the expertise of highly experienced coaching faculty and support of an experienced, international learning community.

“Systemic Team Coaching is an ongoing partnership and the Masters-level Diploma helps you learn how to partner with a complex team during a coaching programme lasting 9-12 months. It provides a very rich action learning cycle with theories, practice with your learning group, applying your learning to your client project, as well as review, reflection and supervision from expert faculty.   Professor Peter Hawkins, AoEC Honorary President

Peter Hawkins explains how the STC Diploma helps team coaches develop:

What does it involve?

As part of an international cohort meeting in London for five modules throughout the year with expert faculty, you’ll be part of a knowledgable, supportive and experienced learning community.

Learning opportunities include:

  • Explanation of the theoretical foundations and practice of systemic team coaching
  • Exposure to a range of team coaching approaches, tools and techniques
  • The opportunity to practice with peers and get feedback
  • Tutorials providing one-to-one guidance on your continued learning and development as a team coach
  • The opportunity to put your learning into practice in a real client case study
  • Supervision of your team coaching practice by experienced faculty
  • Feedback on and in-depth assessment of your team coaching work by the faculty
  • Feedback on your team coaching model and practice from peers and faculty members

Learning outcomes

  • The skills, experience and knowledge to be an AoEC qualified Systemic Team Coach
  • A thorough understanding of the theory and practice of Systemic Team Coaching® 
  • Experience of applying the Hawkins’ Five Disciplines model to a client team
  • Enhanced confidence, authority, presence and resilience when working with teams at all levels
  • Understanding of yourself in your role as team coach
  • Development of your own signature model of systemic team coaching and a supporting marketing statement 
  • Be accredited to use the Team Connect 360 diagnostic and experience of interpreting a TC360 report

“This course not only transformed my approach to coaching teams, it helped transform my business by breaking into an area I had long wanted to involve myself in.” 

“The programme is transformational; I am a different coach as a result. It’s offered me an opportunity to develop my practice at all levels; when working with individuals, teams and organisations. It allowed me to bring together my life experience, previous training and development, as well as the learning during the programme, to create my signature approach. The faculty and participants were generous with their time and created a safe, but challenging, place to learn and grow as a systemic team coach practitioner. Highly recommended.” 

Qualification and Accreditation

The course is accredited with the International Coach Federation (ICF) for 121 ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours) and can be used towards PCC accreditation.

Is this the programme for me?

Before starting the Diploma (next programme starts March 2020), you must have completed the Systemic Team Coaching Certificate – a three-day programme which doubles as Module One of the Diploma. Visit the Systemic Team Coaching Certificate page or contact for more information.

This programme is designed to build on your substantial knowledge and experience of creating, developing or leading teams.

In addition you must be:

1. An experienced individual coach with at least three years’ practice having completed either a training equivalent to ACC (ICF) or Practitioner Level (EMCC)


2. An external or internal consultant or HR business partner with a five-year+ career in Organisational Development and extensive coaching experience. You will be expected to be able to present your theoretical framework for coaching individuals.


3. An experienced senior team leader with coaching skills

In all cases you will need to secure a client team, or be a leader of your own team, in order to complete a case study – which will be an important opportunity to experiment and practice your developing systemic team coaching skills.

“I wanted to spend more time in a learning environment and tap into the collective knowledge of the faculty at the AoEC. This team coach training programme has enabled me to do just that. It has been the most significant, stretching and rewarding learning experience of my career to date.” 

Systemic Team Coaching Diploma – Webinar

If you would like to find out more about team coaching and what the Systemic Team Coaching Diploma involves we invite you to listen to an On-Demand recording of our webinar below.

You will get the opportunity to hear faculty of the Systemic Team Coaching Diploma speak in depth about the course itself. You will then hear from a past graduate of the diploma programme and learn about her experiences on the programme.

Watch Here

Frequently Asked Questions

We run this course every 12 to 18 months in London.

We restrict the maximum number of delegates on each course to 24 in order to maintain a minimum faculty / student ratio of 6:1.

The course is accredited with the International Coach Federation (ICF) for 121 ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours).

The course is not residential, if you will need to stay in London, we can provide a list of hotels local to the venue.

We suggest that you allow the same amount of time that you spend attending the training, for working with your own client team and for the course work between modules – so on average, you should anticipate an additional 11 days over the duration of the course (about a year). We also provide a reading list with mandatory and discretionary reading.


We have highly trained and experienced team coaches who deliver this programme, some of whom also played a key role in developing it.

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Dr Hilary Lines
Dr Hilary Lines
Hilary is an executive and team coach, educator and facilitator, with over 25 years’ experience of working with senior executives in a range of sectors. She helps clients unlock their full potential as leaders, enabling them to develop the relational presence and agility to engage productively with their teams, peers and clients.
Professor Peter Hawkins
Professor Peter Hawkins
Peter Hawkins is Honorary President of the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC). For the last 30 years he has been helping organisations in many parts of the world connect their strategic change, their organisational culture and their leadership development. He has written extensively about leadership, leadership teams, coaching and supervision. Currently his major concern is the growing gap between the increasing and changing challenges for individual and collective leadership and how leadership development is failing to evolve at the same speed.
Moira Nangle
Moira Nangle
Moira has designed, delivered and evaluated OD interventions from Board to Shop-floor level ranging from business strategy to organisation design, new product development, talent management, culture change, and customer service. During the last few years she has worked with senior teams in a coaching or consulting capacity across Europe and in Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Middle East to develop the internal capability and capacity to lead and manage change.

Find out about Maxine Gooding’s experience as a delegate on the Diploma.

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