Challenging Coaching Masterclass

On this in-depth one-day interactive masterclass Ian Day and John Blakey authors of “Challenging Coaching: going beyond traditional coaching to face the FACTS” will look in detail at this new and challenging approach to coaching. The Masterclass will deal with the principles which underpin the model, and the FACTS elements themselves.


Reasons to enrol

A unique opportunity for you to:

  • Delve deeply into the principles of Challenging Coaching and learn experientially about the FACTS CoachingTM model from one of its originators
  • Explore in depth the relevance of traditional coaching approaches and explore the principles and the new gems of Challenging Coaching
  • Explore in depth and practice the five elements of FACTS Coaching
  • Consider the wider implications and applications of FACTS Coaching
  • Take away an approach which can be integrated with your existing coaching practice and used on an on-going basis to increase your presence and maximise your impact

What’s involved

  • Facilitated discussion into the origins of coaching and the traditional principles and how these now serve coaches, coachees and organisations in the 21st century.
  • Consider and practice the principles behind FACTS CoachingTMsuch as the Support Challenge Matrix, the Zone of Uncomfortable Debate, Build the Contract Honor the Contract, and Speak Your Truth and Face the FACTS.
  • Explore in detail and practice the skills of Feedback and Accountability within a Challenging Coaching environment.
  • Explore and practice the skills of Courageous Goals, Tension and Systems Thinking.
  • Facilitate a discussion on the wider application of FACTS CoachingTMwithin business.

As well as exploring the theory behind FACTS CoachingTM, the masterclass will provide plenty of opportunity to practice the skills and consider the implications and applications.

This will be a thought provoking and stimulating workshop, offering questions and new perspectives about coaching and the world in which we do our work.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who is responsible for the performance of others will find that the key to eliciting the highest level of achievement lies in facing the FACTS.

Course Faculty

Ian Day
Ian DayInspirational Coach, Facilitator and Speaker
Ian is an inspirational coach, facilitator and speaker working at Board level for large international clients. Ian graduated with a degree in psychology and spent over 20 years in human resource and development roles in a variety of large organisations within the leisure and tourism, healthcare and utilities sectors including head of talent for Severn Trent Plc, responsible for group-wide talent management, leadership development, executive coaching and performance management. In this role Ian was coached which was an inspiring turning point in his life and lead him to study for an advanced diploma in coaching and mentoring, a certificate in counselling and to his current work as a leadership consultant.

Ian’s interest in psychology has never left him as he applies models and theories in his work with individuals and teams, frequently using psychometric personality profiles to create within clients the awareness and energy to change. Ian believes that everyone has greatness within themselves, and he works to release this potential by applying the model and skills of FACTS coaching.

John Blakey
John Blakey
John Blakey is a visionary with a track record of anticipating future business trends, bringing them into reality through courage, intelligence and self belief whilst inspiring others to follow through building high trust, collaborative relationships. After starting his career in retail management and gaining an MBA, John retrained via an MSc in IT to pioneer the implementation of SAP software across Europe. John became International Managing Director in Logica and become one of the early PCC credentialed executive coaches in the UK with the International Coach Federation.

John is now anticipating a fundamental shift in corporate leadership behaviours in the next five years to meet the expectations of the next generation of business stakeholders.

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