Systemic Team Coaching Certificate

A 3-day introduction to Systemic Team Coaching®. This experiential certificate programme is designed for coaches and organisational consultants wanting to work systemically with business teams. The programme is ideal for those wanting to build confidence and authority in their application of team coaching. Completion of this 3-day certificate programme is a pre-requisite for those wanting to undertake the Systemic Team Coaching® Diploma.

Reasons to enrol:

  • Gain an understanding of the theory and practice of Systemic Team Coaching® (STC)
  • Understand the distinction between groups and teams and how STC® differs from other forms of team development
  • Learn the STC® process through which the coach contracts with the client system, builds a deep awareness within the team of the systemic needs
  • Discover how to shape, design and undertake the systemic coaching work
  • Explore the contractual implications of Systemic Team Coaching®, especially in relation to confidentiality at key system boundaries
  • Learn how to apply the Hawkins 5 Disciplines Model of team coaching: Commissioning, Clarifying, Co-Creating, Connecting and Core learning, and the activities of the Systemic Team Coach in these disciplines
  • Gain exposure to models that explore the nature of group functioning and experience them live in the room
  • Focus on Self as Instrument – utilising directed and undirected awareness
  • Gain insight into the depth of learning and practice that happens on the full 1 year Systemic Team Coaching Diploma Programme
  • Learn how the Team Connect 360 diagnostic instrument (TC360) can add value to your work
  • Become licensed to use the TC360 tool – exclusively available to graduates of the Systemic Team Coaching Certificate programme

What’s involved?

This programme aims to facilitate learning such that participants:

  • Understand the nature and challenges of Systemic Team Coaching® and what makes it different from other forms of organisational development
  • Explore the dynamics of teams through working with different lenses
  • Experience the application of Systemic Team Coaching® by working experientially with a case simulation as team coach, client or observer
  • Attain new insights into your personal development needs as a Systemic Team Coach

Programme Structure

This programme is facilitated by members of the AoEC faculty at a target ratio of 1 faculty member per 9 participants.


    – participants are provided with:

  • Access to a WEBEX recording that sets out the main dimensions of the AoEC approach to Systemic Team Coaching.
  • A business simulation overview, based on a real case study, which will be used during the three day programme
  • Background information on the AoEC team 360 tool, and the associated feedback report based on the business simulation
  • A Wateraid Case Study from our 1 Year Diploma programme, for your interest.
  • Pre-course recommended reading

During the three day programme


  • Create a rich collective in which different aspects of systemic team work and team coaching are discussed and debated
  • During the three day programme participants:
  • Create a rich collective in which different aspects of systemic team work and team coaching are discussed and debated
  • Work with the emerging interpersonal dynamics present in the learning group
  • Work with a business simulation designed to evoke the experiences of working in/as a team
  • Apply the diagnostic TC 360 Report
  • Practice and experiment with a range of interpersonal exercises to further understand the systemic aspects of team coaching
  • Take part in a peer supervision group, applying the models, methods and approaches learned on the course, to a real team you are working in/with

Who is it for?

Those seeking to develop or transform teams within a work context. Typically course participants include experienced Organisational Consultants, experienced Executive Coaches, Business/Team Leaders, and Training Managers.

This programme and bespoke courses are also available for delivery in organisations. Please contact Karen Smart at for further details.

Faculty Pool

John Leary-Joyce
John Leary-JoyceFaculty
Over the last 20 years John has become widely recognised as a senior transformational coach, combining this with an initial 20-year career as a Gestalt psychotherapist, group facilitator and trainer. Author of: Fertile Void, Gestalt Coaching at Work, a practical and effective methodology for individual and team coaching.
Dr Hilary Lines
Dr Hilary LinesAssociate Faculty
Hilary is an executive and team coach, educator and facilitator, with over 25 years’ experience of working with senior executives in a range of sectors. She helps clients unlock their full potential as leaders, enabling them to develop the relational presence and agility to engage productively with their teams, peers and clients.
Alan Taylor
Alan TaylorFaculty
Alan specialises in working with managers and leadership teams, building both individual and collective capabilities via the application of a systemic coaching focus. He is a coach who has walked-the-talk and has a unique combination of senior operational management and leadership experience, coupled with a high level of coaching competence and accreditation.
Nick Kitchen
Nick KitchenAssociate Faculty
Nick is an experienced senior executive and team coach, trainer, facilitator, coach supervisor and engaging event speaker, with more than twenty five years’ experience in supporting the development and success of organisations and leaders throughout many parts of the world.

Coach Training

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ETC Venues, Bonhill House, 1-3 Bonhill Street, London, EC2A 4BX
Course Location Venue Dates Price exc. VAT   Status
Systemic Team Coaching Certificate London; Bonhill House London: Bonhill House 07 – 09 Feb 2018 £1,500.00

Systemic Team Coaching Certificate

London; Bonhill House

London: Bonhill House

07 – 09 Feb 2018

£1,500.00 exc. VAT


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