Systemic Team Coaching ® Diploma

Systemic Team Coaching ® Diploma

in partnership with Renewal Associates

A stimulating, practical and multifaceted learning experience, this ICF and EMCC-accredited programme empowers experienced coaches, organisational development consultants and team leaders to become amongst the most highly skilled and qualified team coaches in the field today. Learning to coach the connections, systemic team coaching delivers value beyond the individual as a sustainable form of team development and stakeholder management.

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Exponential change and greater stakeholder complexity call for new forms of leadership development that can create learning at individual, team and organisational level. As senior executives adopt a more collaborative team-based leadership style, systemic team coaching can play a pivotal role in their development strategy so that organisations become better equipped in understanding their stakeholder needs and anticipating what customers will value tomorrow.

  • Integrate Systemic Team Coaching thinking and some of the practice into your coaching
  • Improve your self-awareness and understanding of the wider system and how it impacts on teams and organisations
  • Gain greater insight into how teams work including dynamics, relationships, goals and purpose
  • Learn how to have better, constructive conversations with teams
  • Gain new strategies to enable you to engage, motivate and empower teams to perform more effectively
  • Helps support teams in identifying and focusing on their purpose and provides clarity in their role
  • Establishes trust between team members
  • Ensures teams work to their strengths
  • Improves individual team member and collective team performance and resilience
  • Helps develop collective leadership and accountability

What you will learn

The theoretical foundations and practice of Systemic Team Coaching ® – one of the longest running team coaching programmes available, you will master your understanding of the Systemic Team Coaching model. Based on Professor Peter Hawkins’ established and proven research, methodologies and training you will gain the skills, experience and knowledge to work as an AoEC qualified systemic team coach.

How to apply the Hawkins’ Five Disciplines Model – you will work with a real-life client case study as part of the programme in order to gain experience of how this coaching model is applied in a real world client setting with support and supervision from both your fellow course participants and an experienced faculty team.

About who you are as a team coach – you will develop your own signature presence as you craft your own model of systemic team coaching and supporting marketing statement.

How to work confidently when coaching client teams – you will gain confidence, presence, authority and resilience when contracting and working with teams at all levels.

How to use and apply the Team Connect 360 diagnostic tool in client work – you will be licensed to use the tool and gain experience of interpreting a TC360 report.

How you learn

The programme runs over 14 days during a 14-18 month period and comprises two and three day modules which are held approximately 12 weeks apart to maintain momentum. This time frame includes completing the Systemic Team Coaching ® Certificate programme which also doubles as the first module of the fuller diploma programme.

You will explore and discuss the practice of systemic team coaching and the research and theory which underpins it.

You will practise key skills and supervision through team coaching with your peers, by working with the dynamics of the learning community, by using the Team Connect 360 diagnostic tool and by arranging a team coaching case study with a client.

The programme uses its large group experience with observations and comments from the faculty team who will openly discuss the process.

Personal development comes through being a participant on the programme and examining the process of being in it, while going through it and from the final assessment.

You will learn from individual tutorials and a final assessment viva.

Your learning experience

Learning is shared through faculty-led sessions and the whole learning group which is facilitated by the faculty.

You will work with your external client team between and during models and receive supervision from the faculty.

Practitioner groups of four to six will work together on their client teams and provide supervision for each other. This will also be facilitated by a faculty member in support of the practitioner team’s learning.


ICF Qualification

The course is accredited with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) for 121 ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours) and can be used towards PCC accreditation.

EMCC Qualification

Senior Practitioner Level
Equivalent to Postgraduate Certificate

For more detailed information see the EMCC Website.

Programme accredited by:


Who is this programme for?

This programme is designed to build on your substantial knowledge and experience of creating, developing or leading teams. You must have completed the Systemic Team Coaching Certificate programme before you can start the diploma programme.

In addition, you must be:

  1.  An experienced individual coach with at least three years’ practice having completed either a training equivalent to ACC (ICF) or Practitioner Level (EMCC).
  2. An external or internal consultant or HR business partner with a five-year+ career in organisational development and extensive coaching experience. You will be expected to be able to present your theoretical framework for coaching individuals.
  3. An experienced senior team leader with coaching skills

In all cases you will need to secure a client team, or be a leader of your own team, in order to complete a case study – which will be an important opportunity to experiment and practise your developing systemic team coaching skills.

How many people will be on the course?

We limit the maximum number of delegates on each course to 24 in order to maintain a minimum faculty/student ratio of 6:1.

Is the course residential?

No, the course isn't residential.

How do I apply?

You can apply for this diploma programme online. The course is also offered in other locations such as New York via our official partners Renewal Associates and Metaco in South Africa.

If you would like to find out more before applying, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be delighted to help you in any way we can.

Is there any pre-course work?

As this is a one year Diploma programme there is a recommended pre-course reading list and an entry tutorial with a member of the course faculty. You will be expected to arrange your own client team to work with for the duration of the programme, ideally you will have this client team in place prior to attending the first full Diploma module.


You will work with our team of highly trained and experienced team coaches, some of whom have played a key role in developing the programme’s content. Click here to see a list of faculty.

How much time will the work and study between modules take?

We suggest that you allow the same amount of time that you spend attending the training, for working with your own client team and for the course work between modules – so on average, you should anticipate an additional 11 days over the duration of the course (about a year). We also provide a reading list with mandatory and discretionary reading.

How much does the programme cost?

The Systemic Team Coaching Diploma run in London costs £9,795 + VAT or £8,795 + VAT for early-bird applicants.

For those who have already undertaken the Systemic Team Coaching Certificate (Module one of the diploma) the rate is £7,995 + VAT or £6,995 + VAT for early-bird applicants.

Places are offered with the requirement to pay a non-refundable deposit of £1,000.

You will also need to attend a minimum of four to six supervision sessions with an experienced team coaching supervisor as a part of your work with your client. The typical cost for this is £250 per session, usually payable by your client (and agreed in your contracting with them). We are able to provide this supervision through our faculty.

Please note that the price may vary depending on other locations if you are booking via Renewal Associates or Metaco.

What does the programme fee include?

It covers the price of all study materials, refreshments and lunch.

What is your dress code?

We recommend wearing comfortable, casual clothing.

What additional support do I receive upon graduation?

On graduation you can apply for a free 12-month AoEC individual accreditation. You will also receive free membership of the AoEC’s Alumni Association which includes discounted subscriptions, Alumni events, discounted AoEC courses, special offers and access to the Alumni LinkedIn Community and more.

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£7995.00 exc. V.A.T.

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