Team Connect 360

Team Connect 360

Our unique 360 feedback tool quickly and efficiently generates insights into how a team is perceived, by its stakeholders and by members of the team itself. Only participants who have completed our Systemic Team Coaching Certificate are accredited to use this powerful online team 360 tool.

The results of ‘Team Connect 360′ are collated into a clear and easily understood report, enabling a team and their coach to identify topics on which they can focus a team coaching programme.

Once stakeholders have been identified by the team and its leader, their feedback is gathered online (the questionnaire can be accessed through a PC, tablet or smartphone). The questions and report are designed around Professor Peter Hawkins’ Five Disciplines Model of High Performing Teams and cover:

  • Stakeholder Expectations – what the team is required to deliver
  • Team Tasks – what the team does to meet those expectations
  • Team Relationships – the interpersonal and group dynamics
  • Stakeholder Relationships – how the team connects with those it serves
  • Learning  – how the team develops to meet future challenges
  • Productivity – the team’s capacity to deliver
  • Speed and efficiency – conducting interviews and analysing data usually requires several days’ work but TC360 does it for you
  • Easier than arranging interviews – this online tool resolves issues of geography and time difference
  • Clear and user-friendly report
  • No need to prepare a slide deck as all the information is clearly shown in the report- how the team connects with those it serves
  • Objective data removes the issue of coach bias from interviews
  • Seeking stakeholder involvement sets the tone for the systemic nature of your interventions

How is the data gathered?

Respondents are divided into categories which are used in the report to enable you to review the feedback by stakeholder type. There are four main categories and you can include three sub-categories of ‘Other Stakeholders:’

  • The primary stakeholder – usually the Team Leader’s manager
  • Team members – all members of the team including the Team Leader
  • Reports to the team – those who report into the team members
  • Other stakeholders – you can divide these into three categories to group responses together in the report. Stakeholders could include customers, clients, suppliers, partners, regulators, board members etc.

For Stakeholders there are just three questions in each of the six areas – simply requiring a numeric score. There is also an invitation to include comments.

For Team Members there are two more questions in each area addressing what is happening inside the team that only they will know about.


There are three price bands for a TC360 report – Band A for up to 30 respondents, Band B for between 30 and 50 and Band C for over 50. Contact for prices.

Running a TC360 Survey

Step 1:

  • Contact to commission a report
  • Identify the survey respondents with team leader and agree a timeline
  • Send the information to AoEC on the form provided with the required start date

Step 2:

  • AoEC starts the survey and respondents are sent login details and instructions by email
  • Progress updates are sent to the coach
  • Respondents are sent reminders

Step 3:

  • The survey is closed on the agreed date
  • The report is sent to you by email
  • You brief the team leader and agree how to share the report with your client team

Next steps

To commission a Team Connect 360 report, please contact

For more information, see the brochure and sample report below.

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