Team Connect 360 is a powerful 360° diagnostic tool which will provide you with valuable data and insights into the strengths and development areas of your client team. It generates feedback from both team members and a range of stakeholder groups.

The tool is designed specifically around the Five Disciplines model so the questions cover:

  • Stakeholder Expectations (Commissioning) – what the team is required to deliver by its stakeholders
  • Team Tasks (Clarifying)- what the team does to meet those expectations
  • Team Relationships (Co-Creating) – the interpersonal and leadership dynamics
  • Stakeholder Relationships (Connecting)- how the team connects with those it serves
  • Team Learning (Core Learning) – how the team grows and develops to meet future challenges.
    There is an additional question set that covers:
  • Overall Productivity – summary of the team’s record on their capacity to deliver. This gives a clear picture of how well the team is connected within its organisational system and what it can do to be more effective.

Why use this tool in your Systemic Team Coaching practice?

This is a great instrument to use in the Inquiry stage to generate data about the team instead of, or alongside, 1-1 interviews. It gathers data in a straightforward and user friendly way for presentation to the team leader, enabling conversation into key areas of focus for intervention. It is also an excellent measure of success by repeating the questionnaire at the end of the STC intervention.

What are the benefits to you as a team coach?

  • Speed and efficiency – Conducting interviews and analyzing data set requires more than a day’s work. TC360 does the work for you at half your daily fee. Therefore highly cost-effective
  • The requirement to seek stakeholder involvement sets the tone and approach for the systemic nature of your future interventions
  • Once you can read and evaluate the Report, you are able to quickly identify where you can add value
  • It is objective data so removes challenge of coach bias from interviews
  • You can still interview specific respondents for more clarity on their comments and additional feedback
  • Resolves issues of geography and time difference in trying to arrange 1:1 interviews
  • Consistency – data is presented in a consistent format that is easy to understand by team members
  • Allows you to decide with team leader when report will be made available, with no need to manage diaries. No need to prepare slide deck all the information is there

How is the data gathered?

Up to 50 respondents can be invited to complete a short on-line questionnaire that addresses the six areas for high performing teams.
For Stakeholders there are just 3 questions in each of the 6 areas – simply requiring a numeric score between 1 – 5 plus an invitation to include written commentary in each Discipline.
For Team Members there is a further 2 questions in each area specifically addressing what is happening inside the teams that only they will know about.

Feedback from clients

  • I (team leader) was impressed by the speed of the process, and the quality of the report itself
  • It is much quicker for our respondents – the questionnaire took around of 15 minutes to complete. There is no need to find time in the diary for the usual interview
  • Data is offered in a concise, tangible format. We found the report was user-friendly and could be read and understood with minimal guidance from the coach
  • Our teams are comfortable working digitally and would prefer to engage through a simple online system than over the phone.
  • The questionnaire can be accessed on mobile devices and tablets, which we found very convenient


The cost for each TC360 report is £450 + VAT, inclusive of all administration which is undertaken by AoEC on your behalf.
The maximum number of respondents at this price is 50 – we do not recommend engaging more than this number, as the diagnostic is designed to capture the most relevant feedback from those working within, or closely aligned with, your team.

For a more detailed overview, please read the brochure and sample report on this page.

For further information or to arrange to use TC360 contact:
Mike Smith
Tel: +44(0)20 8916 9063

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