AoEC is delighted to unveil NEW Coaching as a Line Manager programme

20th February by Lee Robertson

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The AoEC is pleased to announce the launch of its Coaching as a Line Manager (CaaLM) programme. Running over four months, this modular, in-house programme is offered to organisations and is designed to equip managers with valuable coaching skills.

This new programme provides talent management and learning and development directors with the opportunity to bring coaching skills training in-house to develop their line managers’ capabilities. It is ideal for newly promoted line managers, managers with strong functional expertise but who are new to managing others and experienced managers who are keen to develop and grow their skills and work towards a coaching qualification.

The CaaLM certificate has been devised to enhance managers’ interpersonal skills and enable them to integrate coaching skills into their toolkit to allow for more diverse strategies when collaborating with their colleagues. Effective coaching skills will provide them with the tools to diversify their communication style and help them to create a positive managerial environment within their organisation.

The programme is structured around a two-day workshop and four monthly two-hour CaaLM conversations. Offered both in-person and virtually, it combines theory with participation to allow participants to try out their coaching skills in person, gain insights into how they can use a coaching approach and how it can be applied in their line of work. Participants will work with their colleagues in pairs and small groups throughout the course to apply their coaching skills, gain peer feedback and embed their learning.

Karen Smart, head of consultancy with the AoEC and lead faculty on the CaaLM programme commented: “A coaching approach is increasingly recognised by employers as a more effective way of managing others. In high-performing organisations we know that good managers make the difference, and a coaching approach and mindset can have a hugely positive impact on workplace culture, engagement and retention.”

She concluded: “Equipping your line managers with coaching skills is the first step to good management because it helps facilitate more meaningful conversations around development and goal setting. It is the secret weapon in enabling team members to find their own solutions, enjoy their work more and to be more accountable for their own responsibilities.”

To find out more about the programme, please visit our website.