Video: "The biggest takeaway from the course was getting to know myself"

12th June

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"All of the sessions are are really active right from the get-go so whatever you learn you'll immediately put that into practice. We built really strong bonds and relationships really, really quickly and I think that's a testament to the faculty and to the programme, that we were all totally remote, had never met each other before and we all felt that. Obviously you're going to learn a huge amount of content - from models, you're going to learn your own style and be introduced to techniques and various things but I think for me the biggest takeaway from the course aside from all of the models, was actually getting to understand myself, knowing actually who I am. That's probably the most prominent question throughout the entire course - who are you and how do you coach? But you do start to to build your own style, you start to build your own model. You start to understand 'what do I need to do to get into the zone before I coach'? Which may be totally different to somebody else on your course. I'm naturally a very reflective person but the programme really does encourage you to be reflective on your methodology. The assessment day, I think, everybody myself included on my cohort were all super nervous. The day, genuinely, is an extension of your previous learning. In summary, there were three things that I absolutely loved about the programme - I really enjoyed the learning approach, I really enjoyed the active participation. I could see the connections that we were creating and the learning was embedding so much faster, so that so that's one thing. The faculty are quite honestly just genuinely wonderful human beings - massively supportive, incredibly knowledgeable and just so humble as well. You really do genuinely feel like a bit of a family when you're in that cohort. I love the faculty, they were just outstanding in their support. I thought the course was outstanding online - I think it lends itself actually to being online. Jumping into the breakout rooms drives you to be incredibly reflective not just in who you are as a coach and I absolutely love that part of it. 

AoEC are truly industry leaders in this field - the support you'll get afterwards in terms of CPD materials and best practice advice, but also in terms of if you want to work towards accreditation they will point you in the right direction for supervision or even suggest supervisors that you can explore and work with. There's a a lot of support once you finish - I have a sort of a structure in place in terms of potentially starting up my own private coaching practice. We still have a WhatsApp group for the entire cohort. I actually found that the learning method was really great. It worked really well for me and my personal life and everything that's going on, but actually it didn't inhibit the learning at all. What we've been able to do since I've graduated is we now run internal coaching and literally anybody in our company can experience coaching."