Our AoEC Consultant Team are experienced coaches with expertise helping businesses develop their people. If you are looking to bring coaching to your organisation and would like to explore the many options available do contact us.

Alasdair Graham
Consultant Coach

More about Alasdair

People who work with Alasdair often describe his as motivated, curious, and affiliative. He is passionate about helping people achieve their potential and works with them to visualise this in a vivid manner. Clients say that he challenges them, but remains supportive, and this helps them to find their own path to an objective. He applies creative coaching tools to help people explore their situation from different perspectives and discover new steps forward. Alasdair can draw on his background of leadership and management roles in over 20 years in chemical and media industries to provide consultancy support to clients.

Andrew Tallents
Consultant Coach

More about Andrew

Andrew has worked with CEOs and business leaders for over twenty years. He believes that the most effective leaders are self-aware, emotionally intelligent and have purpose in their lives. He coaches executives who understand the importance of self-leadership and want to fulfill their potential as human beings. Andrew believes in challenging his coachees to create stretching goals that lead to improved business performance and personal fulfillment. Andrew is an accredited associate of the Academy of Executive Coaches. Andrew believes that successful business partnerships, working towards delivering leadership excellence, tend to be based around mutual respect and having some fun on the journey. Andrew is proud of his family, circle of friends and associates. When he is not supporting his clients he enjoys working towards fulfilling his potential on the golf course.

Ann Cheung
Consultant Coach

More about Ann

Ann is an Executive and Systemic Team Coach who has come from a background of programme and project management consultancy and delivery. She has helped improve the performance of programme and project teams across the infrastructure sector for many years. Ann is a member of the International Coach Federation and has been a MSP Advanced Practitioner for almost ten years. She offers a range of development approaches from consulting to develop bespoke coaching solutions, workshop facilitation, coaching individuals and Systemic Team Coaching. She has a track record in taking the systemic perspective and recognising the wider delivery context which is influencing the cultural and behavioural issues, and coaching teams to achieve the desired results. She is known for her patience, diligence and braveness in teasing out the conversations that are needed for the client to achieve a breakthrough, and her ability to deliver impactful feedback whilst remaining approachable.

David Kesby
Chief Consultant Coach

More about David

Dave is an organisational development consultant and executive coach with over 20 years’ experience. He has worked with many different organisations in multiple sectors focusing on individuals, teams and organisations to fulfil their potential and achieve sustainable performance. He has coached hundreds of managers and developed dozens of teams. His first career was in the Parachute Regiment. He has also written a book on Extra-Dependent Teams that identifies that there are two types of teams in organisations, inter-dependent and extra-dependent.

Filip Fiers
Consultant Coach

More about Filip

Filip is an executive coach with focus on individual and team development within a business context. His main goal is to make managers and their teams collaborate and perform better in a fast moving, constantly changing environment.
Clients use the following words to describe Filip’s style:
• open, honest, pragmatic
• input can be put into practice immediately
• no fluff around concepts, down to earth methodology

• great reference framework that helps him to tailor interventions to specific needs

• very flexible mode (on-the-go), in an authentic way and with a lot of enthusiasm

John Hill
Consultant Coach

More about John

John is an accredited Systemic Team Coach and Executive Coach working with leaders and senior teams, both in the UK and internationally. He has a background in the cut and thrust of the world of business, gained in global organisations, SMEs and start-ups, and moved into coaching and leadership development around 10 years ago. John is passionate about being an agent of positive change, drawing on his fascination with the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of people and organisations, which informs what makes them the way they are – and, perhaps most importantly, what they could be.

Kate Freedman
Consultant Coach

More about Kate

Kate is independent capability consultant, accredited Executive and Careers coach and experienced facilitator, who has helped hundreds of managers and leaders improve their coaching and leadership capabilities. Kate has 20+ years’ commercial experience in Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Retailing and Manufacturing roles. Prior to setting up her own business, Kate led Unilever UK’s commercial capability programme and was an internal executive and career coach. She is also an experienced and accomplished skills trainer and delivered the in-house coaching skills programme at Unilever. Kate has worked on numerous change programmes and leadership interventions in her learning and development role at Unilever. Kate has worked with numerous supplier proposals to design and deploy training that creates a behaviour change and she understands how to make learning stick in organisations.

Karen Smart
Head of Consultancy

More about Karen

Karen is the go-to person for organisations who wish to use coaching to generate positive change and business performance. She has a wealth of experience in supporting organisations to embrace coaching and coaching skills. Recent sector experience includes the following; financial services, professions, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, public sector, utilities and SMEs.

Kay Young
Consultant Coach

More about Kay

Kay has a deep interest in Awareness IQ; and how awareness supports a more relational, embodied, creative way of learning, living, and leading. She’s deeply committed to supporting clients through the inner journey of leadership: deepening quality of presence; noticing energy/resistance to change; using creative experimenting to support new choices; and change. Her practice is gestalt orientated. Kay has extensive senior management experience, including: working at NHS Board Director level. She been professionally coaching since 2003 and is currently a member of the Faculty Team for the AoEC, facilitating the Coaching Skills Certificate, and Practitioner Diploma Programmes, in Edinburgh. She is also an ICF Evaluator and Assessor, on the AoEC’s Advanced Practitioner Diploma. She has achieved the Advanced Practitioner Diploma and the Master Practitioner Diploma, with the AoEC. She is a highly experienced, ICF accredited coach. More recently, she completed her training in gestalt psychotherapy with the Edinburgh Gestalt Institute. Connect with Kay.

Lotte Poole
Consultant Coach

More about Lotte

Lotte is an executive team and individual coach and leadership development facilitator who is passionate about working with people to explore their potential so they can succeed beyond their wildest dreams, professionally and personally. She is a communications specialist, particularly cross-culturally, helping individuals and teams (often SMT and BoD) seeking to rapidly establish more efficient and effective channels of communication. Her earlier working life was as a journalist and corporate communications director so has plenty of experience in the media, PR, regional and national government and advertising. Much of her coaching work is in the financial and pharma sectors. Other coaching includes working with students and new graduates on high-potential leadership programmes in large companies. She is ICF credentialed and an NLP Master Practitioner. Her pro-bono work includes helping long-term unemployed people establish their own businesses.

Pat Passaro
Consultant Coach

More about Pat

Pat is an executive coach, organisation and leadership development consultant. She has worked for high profile organisations as head of professional services, HR Director and head of corporate talent management. Highly experienced as an organisation design and development consultant, business/executive, team, and career coach as well as being a Human Resources specialist, she has coached many individuals and teams including Board and business owners within organisations across all sectors.

Paul Van Geyt
Consultant Coach

More about Paul

Paul is an ICF accredited Master Certified Coach and a trained ICF assessor. For the past 15 years, Paul has been coaching clients across all levels of seniority in a variety of industries, including professional services, FMCG, banking, energy distribution, real estate and industrial production. During a quality audit, the following characteristics are pointed out about Paul: “patient, honest, listening and understanding. His empathic ability is considered to be a remarkable quality”. Further coaching strengths that are mentioned by clients are expertise, knowledge and analytical capacity. Paul can operate comfortably in the heart of a group and is adept at building teams, integrating groups and creating consistency and alignment.

Rachel Daniel
Consultant Coach

More about Richel

Rachel is an experienced and ICF accredited executive coach and facilitator, providing executive, leadership and transition coaching to individuals and organisations, and running workshops and trainings across a range of topics. She also develops new coaches, provides coaching supervision for coaches and mentoring for ICF credentialing.
Rachel is versatile in her approach. She draws on a breadth of psychological approaches, research and coaching techniques to add depth to her work. Her clients describe her as warm, professional and down to earth, able to work collaboratively to get the best results, helping her clients to see the bigger picture as well as deal with the detail.

Sarah Henbrey
Consultant Coach

More about Sarah

With over 27 years of corporate experience across consumer electronics, telecoms, retail and the public sector, Sarah’s approach combines high level coaching, facilitation and OD expertise with a pragmatic attitude that recognises the realities of corporate life today. She takes a systemic viewpoint, always considering the impact of the organisational environment on the individual, and vice versa.

Vanessa Wye
Consultant Coach

More about Vanessa

Vanessa is passionate about the transformation of senior people and her expertise lies in the development of honest, powerful & enabling relationships. She specialises in the one to one coaching & team facilitation of senior executives to deliver higher value to their business. Vanessa has coached for over 20 years and has come to understand that her purpose, is to help senior leaders be the most fully integrated, best version, of themselves at work. As each leader stepped further into their best self; they shone, were happier and more confident. Importantly for the organisation, they became better at relationships, dealing with change and conflict and secured more success. For Vanessa and her coachees this is transformational leadership coaching: it’s about breakthroughs in understanding self and what we value, the confidence to step into our own power, to find our authenticity, our creativity and the courage to walk a bold path

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