Coaching with the climate in mind

13th March by Emma Thomas

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Coaching with the climate in mind

Climate Coaching Action Day inspired us

Climate Coaching Action Day inspired the three of us (Michael, Peta and Emma) to organise our own climate coaching initiative. We met on the Academy of Executive Coaching diploma course), where we discovered a shared belief in the climate change agenda. The Action Day provided a great a great opportunity to work together. 

How did we find it?  

It was insightful and meaningful to focus our time on the most significant long term issue the world is facing. It was also a great opportunity to develop and hone our climate change coaching tools. Most importantly, our coachees were able to get real focus on the issue. 

What did we learn? 

Climate coaching, like normal coaching, is about helping the coachee gain awareness and find positive ways forward. Yet we also found having a pre-agreed focus on climate coaching allowed us to dive in quicker to a deeper exploration from the outset. Coachees also fed back that they welcomed the opportunity to have a dedicated and ring-fenced session on this and how empowered they felt after they discussed what their own individual contributions could be - how they can make a difference. 

What's next? 

Having seen the interest there is in our approach,  and how coaching with the climate in mind has the power to help leaders and organisations bring positive and meaningful change, all three of us will continue to offer climate coaching sessions on an ongoing basis and keep it on our coaching agenda. 

To find out more or to get involved please e-mail