The Tale of Two Graduates

28th November by Claire Penny

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The Tale of Two AoEC Graduates

After a successful pilot, we are delighted to be launching our inaugural online coaching training programme. This online course fits with busy lives: it’s a modern way to develop as a coach. It’s accessible wherever you are in the world, and you manage your own learning, at your own pace, over the twelve months of the programme.

It’s a next step for experienced coaches that want to know more, who are looking to create options for further development as well as improving immediate practice – but not in the format of an onsite course.

Here we ask two of the graduates from the pilot programme to share why they chose this style of training to advance their coaching practise and how have they benefited so far ...

Lorna Clarkson

1. Why did you choose to do the Senior Practitioner Diploma? 

When I read the outline course detail I was attracted by the range of new topics, some of which I had heard about and I wanted to understand more.  I felt that the course would give a good overview of a range of new subjects.  I wanted to identify the areas that I would develop in more detail to use as part of my coaching practice and this seemed a good way to do it.

The cost of the course was also a factor and it was cheaper than the Advanced Practitioner. 

2. How has it supported your development?

It has introduced me to a wide range of coaching techniques in a relatively short and cost effective way. I have also had the opportunity to learn from others especially my two colleagues who with myself made up our triad. 

There are subjects that I thought I would be interested in that has not materialised and others have come to the front. I now have a more detailed understanding of my coaching preferences and a wider range of tools and techniques to use with clients. I also have identified my development for the future and have gained confidence in my coaching abilities. 

3. What has been the main benefit of doing an online programme?

I think there are three main benefits:

  1. The webinars are available to review at any time in the future, it is an ongoing resource if you need to go back and refresh on certain points. Also the range of speakers and topics covered was very impressive and we had weekly sessions during term time. 
  2. You can attend the discussions in your own home in the evening so you can fit it around other requirements and less travelling. We had individuals from Europe attending the webinars. The discussions were recorded so it was easy to catch up if you missed a session. 
  3. I have mentioned cost before, but online is a cheaper delivery mechanism. 

In an online programme more effort is required to build relationships and the triads really helped bridge this gap in the programme.


Helen Jones

1. Why did you choose to do the Senior Practitioner Diploma (SPD)?

I wanted to deepen my learning. The Practitioner Diploma had opened my eyes to the enormous variety of different coaching styles and techniques. I was very conscious that there were many areas of coaching that I hadn’t yet fully explored; which I may want to incorporate into my model of practice. I knew the SPD would allow me the opportunity to grow as a coach.

2. How has it supported your development? 

The SPD was a great way to gain insight directly from the leading coaching practitioners in each field. Each weekly webinar provided a different flavour of coaching for me to try. Those that I liked, I could explore further with the recommended reading and web resources, then try out in practise within my triad group.

3. What has been the main benefit of doing an online programme?

The weekly nature of the course, allowed continuous learning over a year, in smaller, bite-size pieces. Watching webinars in advance of the group discussion, allowed time to reflect and formulate questions for the faculty and course participants to discuss.



The Online Senior Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching begins in October 2018 and spans 33 weeks. Click here for further information.