How could executive coaching create positive change in your business?

20th February by Lee Robertson

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Could executive coaching create positive change in your business

Utilising an executive coach’s services has become common with research showing 76% of organisations expect to increase their use*. Organisations seeking to use a coach will start out with a fair idea of what they think they will gain from the relationship, but they need to ask what can be different for the business by using coaching as well as how they will evaluate the success of coaching engagements.

Working with businesses ranging from major banks, pharmaceutical giants to small hospices, the need for coaching is essentially always the same. Businesses come to us looking to improve their performance, achieve excellence and deliver successful outcomes. How they get there can vary but using a coach is a valuable investment for meeting their specific needs.

Executive coaching is about moving your business forward. It doesn’t entail telling business leaders what to do but is focused on motivating and helping managers and workers overcome the challenges and dilemmas they face in the workplace. Coaches are contracted by organisations to help their managers maximise their personal and professional potential, thereby transferring their learnings into operational actions and increasing business results and performance.

Executive coaching works in two ways – one-to-one coaching and team coaching. If senior managers are facing change or challenge, coaching can help them to make good decisions, achieve their goals and increase their effectiveness within their role. For organisations, team coaching helps motivate and better align teams, improve internal and external relationships and enhance team dynamics and their ways of working.

The use of coaching should also be systemic in order to achieve greater success. Part of wider leadership development or culture change programme, it will help identify areas where the business might benefit further by being exposed to coaching techniques. Team coaching involves coaching the team together through workshops and interventions such as observing team meetings, as well as one-to-one coaching for individuals. At the AoEC we also use 360-degree feedback tools to understand how teams are viewed by their stakeholders and own team members. This provides a strong input for reviews, planning and goal setting.

Working in partnership with the coachee and contractor, coaching brings sustainable change to the way a business operates. If you’re in pursuit of developing a high performing team or striving to maintain your standards of excellence, coaching can help you realise these objectives while encouraging a culture of inspirational and trusted leadership, employee engagement and talent management. Find out how at one of our open days.


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