Practitioner Diploma / “AoEC was a natural next step in validating existing skills”

17th July by Lee Robertson

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Priya Chandra-Rogers is a qualified coach having studied with the AoEC. Working as head - talent and leadership at Sage, Priya has previously worked for other brands including Standard Chartered Bank and HSBC. Here she talks about her experience of the AoEC’s Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching which she completed in 2021.

You are currently employed as head – talent and leadership at Sage. Who or what introduced you to coaching and led to you signing up for coach training with the AoEC?

I had been involved with coaching internally over many years and was certified as an internal coach for a prior employer. Coming to the AoEC was a natural next step in validating existing skills as well as enhancing what I did. The expertise of the coaches and the opportunity to work with a multi disciplined cohort was also part of the appeal.

What were some of the positives and challenges you experienced while doing the diploma?

The positive for me was the breadth of experience and perspectives the group brought to the table along with the opportunity to practice in a safe space.

The challenge as always was time – not only to attend sessions, but also to find the time to read and research to support my practice. The group had lots of great book recommendations – some of which I am still working through!

What is your top advice to others considering coach training?

Be clear on how often you can apply your skills after the programme, as for me the practice remains invaluable.

Looking back at doing your diploma, what has been its lasting impact on you as a person and you as a coach?

I have been able to apply some of the learnings both to my personal life as well as my professional life. As a mother of two, the coaching techniques have come in very useful!

Can you tell us more about your personal coaching model and how this has evolved since doing the diploma?

C - Challenge and Curiosity

R - What’s happening Right Now

E -  Explore

A - Awareness

T - Take Action

E - Evolve

My personal coaching model continues to evolve with my practice. I find in the workplace the curiosity element remains key, as does the building awareness within the current context. One of my favourite quotes from Alice in Wonderland is: “It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then,” which exemplifies the importance of these elements and the power of creating the space for reflection.

How are you using your coaching skills in your current role at Sage?

I coach a number of colleagues formally and informally as part of my role, as well as bringing coaching skills into some of the leadership programmes we offer.

How are you measuring the effectiveness of the coaching within your organisation?

Alignment with business goals, pre and post skills and impact assessment, stakeholder feedback and team impact.

What do you find most rewarding about your work as a coach?

The opportunity to help people realise their potential.

Our sincere thanks to Priya for sharing her experience of coach training with the AoEC.