Resilience Accreditation Programme / Participant Stories

14th July by Claire Penny

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Resilience Accreditation Programme - Participant Stories

Through our programme offerings we challenge our participants with the latest thinking behind key coaching trends. Our recent cohort of Resilience Accreditation learners were asked to share their thoughts on why they decided to train in Resilience and what they've got from the training so far...

Michaela Henshaw - HR Consultancy, Facilitation and Executive Coaching

"The business world is evolving at an ever increasing pace and having held senior director positions in a FTSE 100 for a number of years, I certainly recognise that resilience is an absolutely essential skill and attribute for success.

During my corporate career I therefore became very interested in what resilience really was, and what levers I could pull in order to build my resilience.  It was indeed this business experience and heightened interest in resilience that led me to embark on what has been a fascinating journey of both ratification and further discovery with Jenny.

Being a Chartered Accountant, I like facts and figures, and Jenny’s course is very much data based from her years of extensive research.  I am also a pragmatist, and so the wide range of simple, but incredibly effective, tools and techniques has really appealed to my coaching style.  I am finding them incredibly effective and result enhancing in my coaching and facilitation work with individuals, groups and teams, with very positive client feedback.

Jenny is a very skilful coach, and I have found the depth of discussion through the facilitation days, group supervision or personal supervision both insightful and thought provoking for both myself personally and my client work.

I have been hugely energised by so many aspects of this course - the subject matter, Jenny’s research findings, application of the tools and techniques, coaching and sharing from both Jenny and the rest of my delegate group, as well as, of course, the increase in my own personal resilience and my client results.

Resilience is certainly a very hot topic at the moment, and I certainly believe that an accreditation in resilience coaching is significantly enhancing for me both personally and professionally.  Thank you Jenny!   

Alyson Ainsworth - Executive Coach

"As with all the programmes run by AoEC, the Resilience coaching course is an incredibly high quality learning experience. Jenny Campbell's extensive research and passion for the subject makes it easy to become enthused and inspired. Jenny is both knowledgeable and supportive and throughout the course has helped each of us through individual coaching and group learning sessions to gain a deeper understanding of the model and the ways in which it can be used. As a career coach I find it invaluable to use with clients and have had some great results when I apply the principles with both clients and with myself. 

I have personally benefitted greatly and I feel my own resilience has been challenged and has improved dramatically as a result of attending the course. I have learnt a lot about myself which has helped me review and improve my own style of coaching and I feel I have taken my coaching to a deeper more effective level. I also believe that resilience coaching has relevance in many walks of life and I know I will use it extensively going forward. 

Overall the course has exceeded my expectations and Jenny has been an amazing tutor. Great value and a great investment for anyone that uses coaching as part of their work."  

Rudi Kindts - Partner and Certified Integral Coach™

"The Resilience Accreditation Programme has been a real eye opener for me.

A lot is being said and written about the subject; no one has integrated the most recent findings about resilience so masterfully as Jenny has done. 

The result is a holistic approach based on solid research. The Resilience Engine offers plenty of tools that resonate with clients.

In addition, the programme has challenged me to take my own resilience seriously.

I recommend the programme to coaches who wish to support their clients to have a more balanced and productive life." 

Emilia Piera-Adamczyk - Staff Development and Coaching Manager, L&D

"Taking part in the programme has very much made me see that resilience is a journey of building awareness of self and the environment; courage to question, challenge and change self and our reactions to our environment; determination to seek and grow sources of energy and be kind to ourselves.

I found the programme challenging, but Jenny has made it a safe environment in which to reflect, learn and practice.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone!"