Coaching as a Line Manager (CaaLM)

Unlock Leadership Potential: Harness the Power of Coaching

Enhance Your Managers' Skills with Coaching Training

Introducing "Coaching as a Line Manager" (CaaLM), an engaging, modular programme for organisations dedicated to equipping their managers and leaders with vital coaching skills. The CaaLM certification not only refines communication techniques but also opens doors for managers to pursue a formal coaching qualification.

Available for delivery in-house, in-person, or virtually via Zoom.

Who should enroll in the programme?

This course is ideal for line managers eager to improve their interpersonal skills and adopt a coaching approach. Leaders renowned for their functional expertise will particularly benefit from developing a coaching mindset. Mastering effective coaching skills will empower them to diversify their communication styles, fostering a positive managerial environment within your organisation.

    Coaching as a Line Manager - What will I learn?

    The Learning Experience

    You will be immersed in a transformative learning journey with faculty-led sessions and hands-on practice through pair and group work over four months. The programme begins with an invigorating 2-day workshop, followed by four interactive 2-hour CaaLM Conversations, where participants apply theory to practice under expert guidance.

    CaaLM 2-Day Workshop

    • Day 1: Developing a Coaching Mindset
    • Day 2: CaaLM Skills

    CaaLM Conversations (4 x 2-Hour Sessions)

    These sessions provide a collaborative environment for faculty-led discussions and peer interaction in triads or quads and are held monthly, either in-person or virtually.

    This experiential learning approach allows you to practice coaching skills from the start, helping you understand how and why coaching is a powerful development tool.

    Your learning experience will be enriched by creating a trusted space with your colleagues, underpinned by a shared agreement on confidentiality. You'll be encouraged to practice your skills and build confidence through personal and structured feedback.

    Coaching as a Line Manager - What will my company gain?

    Download our 'Coaching as a Line Manager (CaaLM)' Information sheet

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    Live Virtual and In-Person Programme

    The programme blends theory and practical participation, enabling you to practice coaching skills in person and understand how line managers can effectively use a coaching approach in your field. Throughout the course, you will collaborate with colleagues in pairs and small groups, honing your coaching skills, receiving peer feedback, and solidifying your learning.

    Led by expert faculty, you will receive personalised, direct feedback as you test your ‘coaching wings’ in small practice quads, taking on roles as coach, coachee, and observer(s).

    What line managers will learn in this four month certificate:

    Coaching as a line manager programme structure


    Who is the programme for?

    The programme provides Talent and Learning & Development directors with an opportunity to bring coaching skills development in-house to develop their line managers’ capability. Many line managers can benefit from the CaaLM programme. They could be newly appointed managers, managers who have a strong functional expertise and are new to line management, those who have been managers for longer but who have a desire to develop and grow.

    How many people will be on the course?

    CaaLM has been designed for groups of 8, 12 or 16. Ideally, the CaaLM conversations which follow on from the two-day workshop would be in groups of 4.

    Is the course residential?

    Your internal sponsor would arrange the logistics and venue.

    How do I book a course for my organisation?

    For sponsors a great start will be to book a conversation with Karen Smart, AoEC Head of Consultancy, so that we can gain greater insight into your ambition and what you wish to achieve.

    Book a conversation here

    Is there any pre-course work?

    There is no formal preparation. Managers need to be ready to share a relevant work topic as part of the skills practice. This could be an opportunity, a dilemma, an interpersonal matter, a problem.


    Each programme is led by one faculty for up to 12 participants and two if the numbers of participants are more. Faculty members are all highly experienced executive coaches in their own right with a range of backgrounds in various professional sectors. Click here to see a list of faculty.

    How much does the programme cost?

    This will vary depending on numbers of participants, which elements are included, the number of faculty required and the modality. Enquire for further details using this email address

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