Academy of Executive Coaching announces partnership with Ridler & Co

4th October by Gina Lodge

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AoEC announces partnership with Ridler & Co

The 6th Ridler Report, produced by Ridler & Co, analyses strategic trends in the use of coaching, using data exclusively from organisational sponsors of coaching (rather than external coaches). It is an internationally reputed research project which is widely recognised for its influence in shaping the future direction of coaching in organisations.

The Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC) are proud to partner with Ridler & Co, with the intention of increasing the distribution and accessibility of the Report to commissioners of coaching and coaching services who are engaging with the AoEC to create a coaching culture.

Gina Lodge, CEO of AoEC says “The Ridler Report provides an invaluable and rare source of coaching data derived from rigorous research, offering support to organisations who value developing their people, talent and fostering a culture of high performance.”

Clive Mann, Managing Director of Ridler & Co, says “We are delighted to enter into this new partnership and are looking forward to working with the AoEC to increase further the circulation of the 6th Ridler Report, to some of the organisations who will benefit most from it.”