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Episode 6: Democratising the Coaching Experience for Young Professionals

8th April 2022 by Gina Lodge

Executive coaching has historically been linked with senior business leaders and high-potential employees who are being fast-tracked through the management…


Digital transformation: how technology can innovate in the coaching space

26th April 2022 by Gina Lodge

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, will technology really play a defining role in the way…


The human cost of climate change: how leaders can make a difference

3rd March 2022 by Gina Lodge

We live in an economy powered by globalisation, ambitious growth and making money. Our preoccupation with growing our wealth and…


Good leadership must address the crisis of values

13th December 2021 by Gina Lodge

Coronavirus gifts us a new rite of passage for leaders and organisations. An opportunity to be better, do better and…


We need a new perspective on values

1st November 2021 by Gina Lodge

As world heads gather in Glasgow for COP26, governments, organisations and society find themselves at a historic intersection. The old…


Future talent must be at the heart of people, planet and profit strategies

22nd November 2021 by Gina Lodge

Recent events have opened a dialogue for all organisations where the power structure between employee and employer is on a…


The need for consciousness in the new world of work

21st October 2021 by Gina Lodge

Looking back over the last 18 months, I wonder how many leaders like myself were truly ready, deep down, to…


Coaching in the time of climate change

24th February 2021 by Gina Lodge

There is no doubt that climate change is an existential threat to our planet and to humanity. We see leaders,…


What does leadership look like in the new world order?

11th September 2020 by Gina Lodge

Peter Drucker’s wisdom and experience endures both through the current crisis and the rebuilding going forward. The world is in…


Pro bono coaching for healthcare workers

1st May 2020 by Gina Lodge

Nearly 200 coaches have now responded to the initial call for action put out by Mark McMordie, CEO of The…


Pro bono NHS coaching for COVID-19

20th April 2020 by Gina Lodge

We would like to take this opportunity to let you know about a project that we are involved in to…


AoEC Statement – Coronavirus – Covid19

19th March 2020 by Gina Lodge

On Monday 16th March in the afternoon, the UK Prime Minister updated the advice with regards to the response to…


Coaching and climate change

12th February 2020 by Gina Lodge

The tidal wave of awareness of the impact of the human species on planet earth would be difficult to miss…


Unlocking potential in a connected world

25th September 2019 by Gina Lodge

When James F Moore published his seminal book on business ecosystems The Death of Competition back in 1996, he described…


Five ways to unlock your workforce’s true potential

26th February 2019 by Gina Lodge

At 2018’s Global Peter Drucker Forum I chaired a plenary session that looked at how business leaders can capitalise on…


People, purpose and process are central to good management

21st January 2019 by Gina Lodge

I was honoured to chair a plenary session at the prestigious 10th Global Peter Drucker Forum in Vienna at the…


AoEC announces a new presence in Poland

10th May 2018 by Gina Lodge

Gina Lodge, AoEC CEO says: We are delighted to welcome Natalia Zalesinska as Head of AoEC Poland to our international…


AoEC announces a new presence in United Arab Emirates

28th February 2018 by Gina Lodge

As the year continues, so does the opportunity to widen our reach with the launch of AoEC UAE, based in…


AoEC announces a new presence in Switzerland

24th January 2018 by Gina Lodge

The start of 2018 sees the launch of AoEC Switzerland, based in Zurich and led by James Woodeson. James is…


Support and Value your Frontline Staff: they are your brand - they are people

29th August 2017 by Gina Lodge

My flight from Belfast to London Gatwick last night was cancelled at the last minute.


The Phoenix of Human Kindness and Compassion can rise from the Ashes

26th June 2017 by Gina Lodge

The Grenfell Tower Disaster has touched all of us deeply regardless of our age, religion or political leaning.


Creative Thinking? Take a walk on the Wild Side

24th April 2017 by Gina Lodge

“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking” - Nietzche. Theresa May said recently (as reported by the FT) that…


Are You a Trusted Executive?

3rd April 2017 by Gina Lodge

On the day that Trump repealed the climate change policies in the US, May triggered Article 50 leading to the…


Academy of Executive Coaching announces partnership with Ridler & Co

4th October 2016 by Gina Lodge

The 6th Ridler Report, produced by Ridler & Co, analyses strategic trends in the use of coaching, using data exclusively…


Are Executive Coaches Really Closet Mentors?

5th July 2012 by Gina Lodge

The Risks and Benefits of Coming out


AoEC brings Systemic Team Coaching to Romania for the first time

2nd June 2014 by Gina Lodge

A special opportunity to discover more about Systemic Team Coaching.


Are Business Leaders Resilient Enough?

16th June 2015 by Gina Lodge

Understanding the characteristics of resilience and how you can build your personal and organisational resilience has become of paramount importance…