AoEC unveils climate coaching programme

1st November by Lee Robertson

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The AoEC is delighted to announce the introduction of its Coaching in the Climate Crisis – a Certificate in Climate Coaching. This important programme will run virtually four times a year, with the inaugural course in February 2022. It is designed for coaches who want to contribute to more urgent progress in addressing climate change through their work, enabling them to work through and find their own approach with the crisis.

The new programme will familiarise participants with the AoEC’s climate coaching competencies which are built around systemic thinking, coach as disruptor, behaviour change and insight and self-management.

The work around insight and self-management allows course participants to embody the climate coaching mindset and stand by their client. The learning is supported through demonstrations, daily small group coaching practice, and opportunities to establish and maintain connections with nature.

Exploring how to be a climate conscious coach, participants will also learn how to have a coaching conversation around climate change; help others have a conversation around the topic; and how and when to introduce climate change into their existing coaching.

Introducing the latest models, tools, and approaches to climate coaching, course participants will benefit from ample practice and feedback and consider how to align their own coaching practice with the climate emergency.

It comprises three modules over three days which are scheduled to allow time for reading and reflection between each day. Participants are also encouraged to initiate climate coaching conversations between days one, two, and three to apply the learning and build up experience. By the programme’s end, participants will understand how each of the climate coaching competencies informs their practice and be confident in how to be a climate conscious coach.

Moira Halliday, director of programmes at the AoEC explained: “The climate emergency can be a big, edgy and uncomfortable topic for many to broach, but it is of huge importance that we bring it into the social consciousness wherever we can. Our hopes for this programme after running a hugely successful and insightful pilot, is that we can encourage as many coaching professionals as possible to bring the climate into the conversation. Discussion around climate is getting louder all the time so it is critical we look for ways where we can make a difference by disrupting and caring about making change happen.

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