Systemic Team Coaching, What is that?

9th July by Kimberli Lewis

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Systemic Team Coaching, What is that?

When someone first mentioned the term "Systemic Team Coaching" to me I thought it was all "smoke and mirrors", but now I realize that systemic team coaching is a key element in organizational development and transformation. Case studies have proven that teams being lead by a systemic team coaching approach have improved customer satisfaction levels up to 82%, improved productivity up to 28%, consumer engagement scores up to 50% and financial results up to 40%. It really has measurable ROI.

So what is it, it is a process of working with the whole team, together and apart, to: coach them to collaborate, develop collective leadership, achieve a common purpose and improve performance as a whole.

It teaches teams to effectively engage with their key stakeholders and jointly transform the wider business. It takes into account the inherently complex nature of teams in a systemic context. This is different than team building, team learning-sets, group facilitation and it has a measurable ROI.

As CEO, I was always a sceptic about team building activities, but when I learned Systemic Leadership Team Coaching, I changed my mind, because it was logical, systematic and measurable. Now, learning the systemic team coaching methodology and putting it in practice is not as easy as it sounds . I have seen even the most experienced coaches, managers and consultants become slightly overwhelmed while learning the practice, until they fully understood the process. In the end they all agreed with me, it is effective and brings results. It is one of the best practices for lifting team performance.

The faculty at The Academy of Executive Coaching London-Boston are experts in Systemic Team Coaching, and they are bringing this practice to the USA. Beginning in Boston, September 21-23, they will conduct a ICF certified, 3-day certificate program. The program is targeted towards experienced coaches, managers, consultants and those who manage teams. If you want to develop yourself or are looking for a training program that really brings ROI, join them in September. Space is limited so I would advise acting fast.