Discovering coaching: The AoEC's two-day Coaching Skills Certificate

10th July by Lee Robertson

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Curious about coaching and wondering if it is the right fit for you? The AoEC’s two-day Coaching Skills Certificate offers a perfect introduction to the world of coaching. Whether you are looking to add valuable coaching skills to your CV or considering a deeper dive into the field, this course provides a hands-on, engaging entry point.

The essence of coaching

Coaching is about unlocking potential, both in yourself and others. It is not about giving advice or mentoring; instead, it is about asking the right open questions and creating a space where individuals can find their own solutions. The Coaching Skills Certificate introduces you to these fundamental principles, helping you understand the true essence of coaching.

Hands-on and experiential learning

One of the standout features of the course is its experiential learning approach. From the get-go, you are not just learning theory but actively participating in coaching skills practice. You will work in small groups—known as triads—where you take turns being the coach, the coachee, and the observer. This practical setup ensures that you experience coaching from all perspectives, making the learning process dynamic and deeply immersive.

Debbie Witherick, a past course participant, appreciated this approach, stating, “The course was hugely informative and enjoyable. I have a much clearer understanding of what coaching is and some useful skills to implement.”

The power of triads

Working in triads is a core part of the course. As a coach, you practise new skills and techniques. As a coachee, you experience first-hand the impact of coaching questions and processes. And as an observer, you gain valuable insights by watching how different coaching styles unfold. This rotation ensures a well-rounded understanding and fosters a supportive learning environment.

Jamie Richards noted the value of this method, saying, “We’ve spent a great amount of time putting training techniques into practice rather than simply learning the theory. I am happy to have come away with some practical techniques and plenty of coaching time through the course.”

Real-world application

The practical nature of the course means you can start applying what you’ve learned immediately. Whether you’re a manager looking to improve team dynamics, an HR professional aiming to enhance employee development, or simply someone interested in personal growth, the skills gained from this course are versatile and applicable in various settings.

Sarah Macfarlane found this particularly beneficial, sharing, “I attended the Coaching Skills Certificate course to strengthen my coaching skills. I would highly recommend it to anyone who works with people or is responsible for organisational transformation.”

A supportive learning environment

The AoEC’s faculty create a welcoming, safe and encouraging environment. They offer constructive feedback and are genuinely invested in your learning journey. This support helps build confidence as you practise and refine your coaching skills.

Caroline Stern emphasised the faculty members’ role, saying, “This course builds the foundational skills that you’ll be able to use next day with your teams and organisations! It’s well-structured and a lot of fun. The facilitators were excellent!”

Continuing your coaching journey

For many, the Coaching Skills Certificate is just the beginning. The course often ignites or deepens a passion for coaching, leading participants to pursue further education, such as the AoEC’s Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching. This next step delves deeper into coaching methodologies and provides extensive training for those serious about a coaching career by enabling participants to develop their own coaching style.

Heather Bailie summed up her experience by saying, “The Coaching Skills Certificate was a wonderful opportunity to learn valuable techniques to enhance our coaching skills and learn how to offer these practices mindfully in a variety of ways outside of the training.”

The AoEC’s virtual or in-person Coaching Skills Certificate is more than just an introduction to coaching; it’s an immersive, hands-on experience that equips you with practical skills and insights. Whether you are looking to improve your professional interactions or considering a career in coaching, this course provides a solid foundation, and a taste of what coaching is all about.