What is the difference between Coaching - Mentoring - Advising - Counselling - Consulting?

6th May

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Advising is 

...when an expert tells you how to be more effective or successful based on their research, experience, knowledge or expertise.

Mentoring is 

...when the mentor takes personal interest in your career development and gives you guidance, direction and help based on their past experience.

Counselling is 

...the provision of professional assistance and guidance for people who are experiencing difficulties and distress in their lives.

Consulting is 

...when someone has a gap in their skill or knowledge and the consultant fills that gap with their expertise

These are all facilitating change based on expert knowledge.

Coaching is a method that enables the person to make their own choices that will give them greater satisfaction and confidence. Coaching utilises the person’s inherent knowledge, wisdom and experience in order for the person to find their own solutions.

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