Why Train with AoEC?

1st June

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Training with AoEC means...

  • You are our primary focus. We believe in coaching you to be a coach, to be the best you can be. We believe that learning to be a truly great coach is a profound and personal journey where we offer support all the way.
  • Our training is experiential. By definition this means “involving or based on experience and observation”. Within a safe learning environment, participants
    practise their coaching skills, experience being coached themselves and benefit from observing others coach and being coached.
  • We are business focused - AoEC is uniquely business focused and the participants on the programmes all share this common focus helping to bring your
    group together.
  • We help you to create your very own coaching model. Our programmes do cover various existing coaching models but we don’t just teach coaching methodologies, we work with you to identify, mould and develop your own model, your own style, your own signature presence.
  • We deliver an experience by bringing together our understanding of the business world and a deep understanding of how people function, grow and change.

Our Mission

We transform individuals, teams and organisations globally through world-class, accredited executive and team coach training and coaching-based solutions for organisations. 

Our dedication to customer service, inclusive culture and strong ethical approach to business helps everyone we work with realise their full potential.

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