Recovery and Wellness Coaching Skills for Executive Coaches - online

Recovery and Wellness Coaching Skills for Executive Coaches - online

This 10-week online programme equips you with essential skills to enhance your coaching and encompass health into your executive coaching role to enable you to take a holistic view. Integrating health into executive coaching incorporates a client’s health and health challenges that impact on their optimal functioning, performance and leadership.

Diabetes, weight management, hypertension, dependency and addiction, mental health, cancer, anxiety and depression, the list is endless. Health affects everyone indirectly or directly. Health challenges can affect your client directly, or maybe a loved one or someone in their team. If there is a health difficulty your client may not be able to function at their optimum and could even be under performing.

  • Gain new tools and strategies to support clients with their recovery from a health challenge within the individual’s ability to perform
  • Develop more insight into contracting, best practice and ethics in wellness and recovery coaching

  • Discover how to become an executive coach supervisor within the health context
  • Add value to your clients or colleagues with a more detailed insight into implicit and explicit priming, use of language, unconscious and conscious bias
  • Assists employees as they return to work after illness
  • Better supports employees to manage or avoid conditions such as stress, anxiety, burnout or ill health
  • Underpins the design and effectiveness of health, work and wellbeing strategies
  • Improves individual and team resilience and performance

What you will learn

What executive coaching and health practice is – how it differs from regular coaching and how wellness and recovery coaching are crucial for performance.

About Meaning Centred Coaching (MCC) – you will explore the core competencies of MCC, its four principles and foundational tasks and skills and uses of the model.

About recovery and wellness coaching – you will familiarise yourself with the relationship between the two as well as recovery and wellness orientation and coaching orientation.

Systems - you will learn about family systems within the recovery context and executive coaching and health in organisations.

How you learn

This is a self-directed online learning module designed to provide you with the essential learnings you need to progress to the more advanced levels (subject to demand). It is expected to take 10 weeks to complete based on an average of six hours engagement a week.

This is the amount of time that the activities of watching videos, listening to audio, participating in exercises, taking multiple choice tests and reading material is certified as taking. It is unlikely you can thoroughly engage with the material in less time. You can decide for yourself and pace yourself as you wish.

Your learning experience

The programme consists of theory and multiple-choice questioning and features an online theory module comprising of four core components plus one *specialised module.

This is a self-directed online learning module designed to provide you with the essential learnings you need to progress to the more advanced levels.

*Additional Specialisation Modules can be taken any time after gaining your certificate of completion (in 2017/2018 Diabetes Type 2, Mental Health, Weight and Weight Management, Obesity)


Completion of this programme will provide a certificate of attendance up to 60 CPD hours.

This programme does not provide CCEs.


Who is this programme for?

Experienced coaches. Everyone is already a health coach whether they recognise it or not, but to understand how a person can be affected by health, whether it is recovery, maintenance or improvement, specialised skills are required.

How do I apply?

You can apply for the Executive Coaching and Health programme online. If you would like to find out more before applying, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be delighted to help you in any way we can.

Is there any pre-course work?



This is a completely non-facilitated online programme, however support will be given if required.

How much does the programme cost?

The programme costs £399 + VAT.

How long will it take me to complete the programme?

The total programme time is 60 hours delivered and should take approximately ten weeks to complete. Of course, we are all different and some parts may be quicker for you or you may wish to spend more time on others. You can decide for yourself and pace yourself as you wish.

Can I pause the programme if, for instance, something comes up that means I cannot continue?

Yes you may. As you are working at your own pace you can re-join the programme at any time.

Is there any support available if I find that I am struggling personally with the programme and what it is bringing forward in me?

Yes, if you are wanting some support, you can contact us.

Will I only be able to use the skills and knowledge from the programme within an executive coaching context?

No. Whilst this programme places some emphasis on the executive coaching role the principles within the programme are useful across almost any coaching context. You will be able to span across a wider group of clients than those typical to executive coaching if you so wish.

Can the skills that I will learn in the programme be used via telephone / skype or similar method or do they have to be used face to face?

All the skills and knowledge in the programme fit within accepted and standard coaching practice. So you will continue to agree coaching engagement with your clients in a way that is best for the coaching outcomes you have agreed. We do address this issue in the programme.

Will I be able to reach out to a course facilitator while I am taking the programme?

Yes. You may reach out to us at any time.

How soon can I start working as a coach using what I am learning in the programme?

You will be able to start integrating some of the approaches, ideas and tools during and after gaining your certificate of completion. If you are doubt about this, please reach out to us and we will do our best to support you.

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