Resilience Accreditation Programme

Resilience Accreditation Programme

in partnership with The Resilience Dynamic®

This eight month focused programme is suitable for experienced coaches and internal organisation development (OD) practitioners to become accredited in the use of The Resilience Dynamic® models. Equipping you with the skills and knowledge required to support organisations and individual clients in the development of individual resilience, it provides an in depth understanding of The Resilience Dynamic®, a transformational model for understanding, creating and developing sustained personal resilience.

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As the workplace becomes increasingly complex, it is a priority to develop the critical skills, resilience and expertise needed to remain change-ready, agile, innovative and profitable. A resilience capability is the bedrock of an effective coaching approach and progressive workplace culture. Finding the room to breathe, the space to think and being prepared for change can help you, your employees, teams and organisation counteract the challenges a resilience drain poses.

Here a past graduate talking about his experience of the course.

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Clients Resilience Accreditation Programme - Why did the accreditation programme appeal to you?

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Coach Resilience Accreditation Programme - What were the benefits?

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Programme Resilience Accreditation Programme - How was your experience of the programme?

  • Better understand your client’s resilience level so that you contract well and set realistic expectations 
  • Learn how to pace work well according to the client’s capacity
  • Gain new strategies to enable the client to effect a wholly resilient way out of working and living
  • Apply new ways of ensuring sustainable performance 
  • Develop new tools and techniques to help clients get unstuck, overcome illness, workplace burnout, stress and anxiety
  • Helps support the health, work and wellbeing of individuals and team members
  • Supports employees in being change ready
  • Helps reduce or avoid instances of burnout, stress or anxiety
  • Helps improve and maintain high performance

What you will learn

About the role of resilience in coaching – you will learn about the theory and basic tools of using the Resilience Dynamic ®.

How to embed resilience into coaching – you will deep dive into the theory and practice of resilience using the Resilience Dynamic®.

About how to uncover resilience levels – you will discover how to work more effectively with clients to address their resilience levels through a series of case studies.

About the nuances of resilience and coaching implications – you will better understand how to tailor your approach to different resilience levels to create a much higher impact.

How you learn

You will attend two faculty-led modules where you will practise the core coaching skills used in resilience coaching.

The programme blends five virtual module sessions with supporting resources, including case studies, video recordings and facilitated virtual conversations to embed learning.

You will work in groups to practise your skills as well as receive individual and group supervision.

As part of the programme, you will submit a positioning statement and a learning essay which draws on your learning from case studies and other client work.

Your learning experience

Learning is shared through faculty-led sessions and the whole learning group which is facilitated by the faculty.

You will work with case studies and routine client work with your external client team between and during models and receive supervision from the faculty.

Your learning and development are always supported in a safe and comfortable environment to ensure you grow your confidence by working with your strengths and receiving personal and structured feedback from peers and faculty members.


The successful completion of this programme will give you a three-year renewable licence to use the Resilience Dynamic® tools.

The Resilience Accreditation Programme is an 80 hour programme that provides 60 ICF accredited CCEs.

Programme accredited by:


Who is the programme for?

Experienced, regularly practicing coaches with some experience in group facilitation as an internal or external consultant who:

  • Has achieved coaching competency or equivalent (i.e. qualification and evidenced experience) at ICF ACC level, EMCC Practitioner level or AC Accredited Coach level as a minimum
  • Understands the impact of leader, team and individual resilience on organisational success. Has an interest in how to increase resilience of individuals, teams and organisations
  • Has experience of working in organisations supporting leadership development and change programmes, as an internal or external coach, consultant or facilitator

How many people will be on the course?

This programme is limited to 16 participants to ensure a high-quality learning experience and that you receive personal and individual feedback from faculty.

Is there any pre-course work?

Yes, there is some pre-course work involved. 

Participants will be required to read the course’s Overview of Resilience paper, Licencing FAQs, complete the Energy Tracker Diagnostic and watch two short videos (10 min) and one longer video recording (90min) before commencing Module 1.

How long does the programme take to complete?

The programme is run over eight months and includes five virtual modules which are held between February and March. Participants are also expected to complete pre-course work and follow-up work including watching videos and keeping a log to capture learning reflections between modules.

Other components include ongoing one-to-one and group/team client coaching work, slack channel conversations, one-to-one supervision and group supervision between April and June. Written submission (approx 15 hours for submission consolidating, reflections and write up) deadlines are late June and August and licences are issued in October on completion of the full programme.

Is this course residential?


How do I apply?

You can apply for the Resilience Accreditation programme online. If you would like to find out more before applying, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be delighted to help you in any way we can.


You will work with our team of highly trained and experienced resilience coaches.

How much does the programme cost?

This programme costs £2,950 + VAT.

What does the programme fee include?

This virtual programme price includes all study materials, tutorials, supervision, assessment and support throughout the programme.

What past participants have said:


Alison Kane

Alison Kane Faculty

Alison Kane

Alison Kane

Alison is client services director at the Resilience Engine. She is an executive and leadership coach with a background in the oil industry. She works with leaders and teams across all sectors to transform performance. Alison believes that resilient leaders support resilience in themselves, their followers and organisations, and that resilience makes lives happier, stronger and more productive. In both her coaching work, and in delivering The Resilience Engine models and tools, she is passionate about making resilience real for everyone.

Anne Archer

Anne Archer Faculty

Anne Archer

Anne Archer

My passion is to shift perspective in mental health at work. We all deserve to thrive, and my approach is whole person whole life. I have a unique portfolio where I can address people in deep crisis to execs who want a bit more capacity in a full and rich life. This perspective is enabling in how I work with my clients. I’m a trusted companion, advocate, and critical friend. To facilitate a shift, I am a crisis volunteer for Shout; a Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Resilience Coach, Global Exec and Team Coach and facilitate changing perspective workshops. My greatest satisfactions come from seeing individuals grow in their capacity to thrive in life and for organisations to create the environment where to thrive is normal. Anne Archer MSc Psychology of Well-being; PCC, Accredited Resilience Coach, Advanced Diploma Exec Coaching (AoEC), Certified Supervisor of Coaches and Trusted Coach Directory member.

Jenny Campbell

Jenny Campbell Consultant Coach & Faculty

Jenny Campbell

Jenny Campbell

Jenny is a senior executive coach and resilience researcher. The two practices go hand in hand, providing rigorously researched insights together with tools and techniques for enabling the development of resilience in others. Jenny is dedicated to furthering our understanding of resilience in order to create the highest healthy and sustainable success possible. This is for individuals, teams, organisations, and more recently, communities. Her primary aim is to make the incredible ‘deep and simple’ findings of her research accessible by all. She is a renowned public speaker on resilience, and brings her work out through publications and direct work with organisations and communities. She is CEO of The Resilience Dynamic®, a business bringing the research findings into the world in an accessible way. The services include workshops, e-learning solutions and an accreditation programme which accredits coaches and consultants to facilitate resilience development in others. She currently leads a research collaboration into Team and Organisational Resilience, using action enquiry as the main research method. Jenny has significant business and organisational experience through her commercial leadership roles in BP Europe, BT and O2. She has also worked in Strategy Consulting, helping high growth businesses. Jenny has led teams all across Western Europe, and has established technology partnerships between UK and USA companies.

Rebecca Walker

Rebecca Walker Faculty

Rebecca Walker

Rebecca Walker

Rebecca is the owner of Unfold and associate faculty. She is a leadership coach and works globally with organisations, teams and individuals across a range of sectors. She works with executives and aspiring leaders to develop and transform their leadership performance, resilience and confidence. With over 20 years in corporate communications for clients such as BT, Barclays, Novartis, Legal & General, Olswang, Rebecca is experienced in developing and delivering programmes for managers and leaders on leadership, dynamic teams and resilience.

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