Systemic Team Coaching® Supervision and Action Learning

Systemic Team Coaching® Group Supervision and Action Learning

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Team Coaching is a wonderfully complex and specialised field, and it is important that all practitioners engage in guided reflective practice to support their on-going professional development and to access regular support. 

We are delighted to offer you, group supervision and action learning sessions, following your attendance on any of our Systemic Team Coaching® Certificate programmes.  As well as supporting you in the development of your practice, it will give you the opportunity to connect and learn with and from fellow practitioners working with teams. 

Please note that these supervision sessions are for anyone who has completed any of our Systemic Team Coaching® Certificate Programmes.

Upcoming dates:

Jul 08

08 July 2024 - 08 January 2025

LocationUK/Live Virtual Sessions

Oct 01

01 October 2024 - 25 February 2025

LocationUK/Live Virtual Sessions

These sessions will support you in applying the learning from the Systemic Team Coaching® Certificate programme to teams you are coaching, leading or consulting with. You will learn how to reflect in depth, on work with teams using the CLEAR and Seven Eyed model of supervision (Hawkins and Smith 2013) as well as the resources of the whole group.  Each group will have a maximum of 8 people.

Team Coaching Supervision has become an application requirement of the professional accreditation bodies, so will be essential if your longer-term aim is to credential as a Team Coach. On completion of the STCC & Supervision we can additionally award you the STC Practitioner Certificate.

If you plan to continue your development and join our one-year Systemic Team Coaching® Diploma, then there is a requirement to bring a long a team coaching client, to work on as a case study.  You will also need to have attended a course of four supervision sessions.  This will help prepare you for the Diploma programme and help you gain the most from this valuable learning experience.


The cost of four, two-hour sessions (4-6 weeks apart), will be £750, before VAT.  For applications received at the time of booking the Systemic Team Coaching® Certificate, the cost reduces to £600, before VAT. Please note it is important you attend all four sessions, and it will not be feasible to move between supervision groups as consistency is very important.

Please see above for the dates of our upcoming Supervision Groups.  

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