The AoEC works in partnership with Professor Peter Hawkins of Renewal Associates, to provide training opportunities in Systemic Team Coaching® around the world. Find out dates for the Systemic Team Coaching® Certificate, Masters-Level Diploma and other workshops below.

Systemic Team Coaching® Certificate Dates

Our three-day Systemic Team Coaching® Certificate programme provides a thorough introduction to the core concepts in Systemic Team Coaching®

Date Location Details
16-18 April 2019 Beijing, China Peter Hawkins, Renewal Associates.
27-29 April 2019 Tokyo, Japan Peter Hawkins, Renewal Associates.
8-10 May 2019 Johannesburg, South Africa Metaco.
7-9 May 2019 London, UK Hilary Lines, AoEC. Register Here.
22-24 May 2019 Lisbon, Portugal Peter Hawkins, Renewal Associates.
4–6 June 2019 London, UK Nick Kitchen, AoEC. Register Here.
18-20 June 2019 Lurgan, Ireland Moira Nangle, AoEC Ireland. Register Here.
9 – 11 July 2019 London, UK Peter Hawkins, AoEC. Enquire.
17-19 September 2019 London, UK Nick Kitchen, AoEC. Enquire.
25-27 September 2019 Zurich, Switzerland John Leary-Joyce, AoEC. Enquire.
3-5 October 2019 Dubai, UAE Alan Taylor, AoEC. Enquire.
29-31 October 2019 London, UK Alan Taylor & Moira Nangle, AoEC. Enquire.
26-28 November 2019 London, UK Hilary Lines, AoEC. Enquire.

For more information about Peter Hawkins’ courses, please contact Fiona Benton:

T: +44 (0)7710 025334

Systematic Team Coaching® Diploma Dates

Our Masters-level Systemic Team Coaching Diploma enables experienced coaches, Organisation Development consultants and team leaders to become among the most highly qualified team coaches in the field today.

Date Location Details
2 July 2019 – 16 April 2020 New York, USA Peter Hawkins. Renewal Associates.

Please note these are only the dates for Modules 2-5. You will need to have completed Module 1 before commencing the rest of the Diploma.

12 June 2019 – 8 May 2020 Johannesburg, South Africa Metaco.

(Notes as above.)

Other Programmes

Advanced Retreats
Advanced Retreat for Systemic Team Coaches, Bath, 19-21 June 2019
Advanced Retreat for Coaches and Consultants, Bath, 4-6 September 2019

More information on these can be found at the Renewal Associates website here.

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