Young Professionals Coaching Skills Certificate

The Young Professionals Coaching Skills Certificate, in collaboration with CoachBright, is a unique in-house training opportunity that aims to ease the transition into working life.

This Certificate is the ideal way for anyone looking to develop their interpersonal skills as well as those considering integrating coaching into their work or as a career.

This is a two non-consecutive day experiential course, that will put you in the shoes of both the coach and the coachee, providing you with a real understanding of power of coaching and its everyday applicability first-hand.

“Our combined aim is to equip the next generation with coaching skills to support their development, at the outset, and not make coaching a skill you typically still acquire much later in your career. The offer is both time and cost effective and we believe will have a significant and positive impact on the engagement and motivation of those just starting out in their career.

– Mary McPherson, CoachBright

Reasons to enrol

  • This is the ideal course for those who would like to understand and use coaching skills in their workplace to help improve motivation and performance, or in their everyday personal lives
  • You will look at how you present yourself in different situations and why? How do you present yourself at work? How can you be the best version of ourself at work?
  • The two-day course is a mixture of theory and participation, with attendees exploring coaching skills and developing their confidence when using them
  • You will train alongside fellow young professionals helping to enhance your learning experience
  • The programme is facilitated by young professionals themselves
  • This is run over two non-consecutive days, allowing for some self-reflection in between

“Great new ways of thinking and helping to solve complex problems even when not all the answers are obvious.”

What’s involved

Over two carefully structured days you will:

  • Examine some of the definitions of coaching
  • Look in detail at the differences between coaching, mentoring, counselling, training, managing, consulting and life coaching
  • Develop your four essential coaching skills:
    1. Listening
    2. Questioning
    3. Reflecting back and mirroring
    4. Paraphrasing and summarising
  • Discuss the powerful GROW Model and its applicability
  • Receive expert tutor input and feedback from your peers as you practice in a safe environment

Who is this course for?

Anyone who:

  • is aged between 18-30 years
  • is new to the workplace / transitioning to the workplace

and would like to:

  • learn about coaching
  • develop new and existing skills
  • become more efficient in the workplace
  • develop a style to help others with their performance, confidence and motivation


The completed two-day programme will provide you with 12 hours CPD certification.

In-House Programme

The Young Professionals Coaching Skills Certificate is available to groups of people within an organisation.

Please contact Sue Burston at to discuss.


Robin Chu
Robin Chu
Robin is the CEO and Founder of CoachBright, a national social enterprise, and an Executive Coach. Using coaching, his organisation helps young people become independent and resilient so they can realise their potential. Traditionally, this has been through training university students in coaching skills to widen access to universities for the most disadvantaged pupils. Working with students and graduates, he has trained hundreds of young professionals in coaching skills.

Robin has trained as an Executive Coach with the Academy of Executive Coaching. He is also a Shackleton leader and a fellow at the School for Social Entrepreneurs.

This programme is available as an in-house programme.

Also available in: Zürich

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