George Warren

Based in Wales, George is an ICF accredited executive coach, facilitator and consultant. After a year living in Argentina, George enjoyed nine years in senior management positions in the travel industry. It was here that he noticed that, each time after being coached, he felt unstoppable, that he could tackle any problem. Following up his interest, he studied and practiced coaching, enjoying the challenge of introducing a coaching culture and style to businesses. It was while attending the AoEC’s Practitioner Diploma programme that he realised coaching was in his bones. He set up his own practice shortly after graduating, and hasn’t looked back since. An internationalist at heart, George loves nothing more than understanding different cultures and approaches. He has coached clients across Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australasia and Africa. He is deeply passionate about the topics of confidence, potential and enjoying a life and career in line with one’s values.

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The paradox of people-pleasing - When wanting others to like you doesn't serve or help you

19th March 2024 by George Warren

Odds are, around half of you folks reading this article self-identify as people-pleasing. Much like the epidemic of imposter syndrome,…


The accredited coach - what I wish I knew when I started out

20th February 2024 by George Warren

Some years ago, pre-lockdown, I reached out a whole bunch of those coaching providers. The big, international platforms. Yes, that…


The relaxed coach

23rd January 2024 by George Warren

There’s a reason comedians refer to ‘dying’ on stage. In my previous career, feeling creatively stifled and aiming to improve…


No hacks please, we're coaches

17th December 2023 by George Warren

Whether you’re an independent coach, and internal coach - or a leader who does some coaching - I bet that…


The anxious coach?

21st November 2023 by George Warren

There is a danger in our work, that if we have not done enough work on ourselves, that we bring…


Allow me to Introduce myselves: viewing yourself as a community of selves

24th October 2023 by George Warren

I’d like to talk about one of the most helpful learnings and mindsets of the last few years. One which…


The myth of the perfect question - moving beyond powerful questions in coaching

18th September 2023 by George Warren

I just need to work on that list of perfect questions, offered a coach in a recent mentor coaching session.


Trauma and the stories we tell ourselves

17th July 2023 by George Warren

After the release of their 1997 album, ‘OK Computer’, Radiohead had made it. The had broken through into the American…


Unkind niceness - when is being nice actually harmful?

19th April 2023 by George Warren

March marked the culmination of a 13-month Advanced Diploma in Executive Coaching with the AoEC. A beautiful learning experience, which…


Episode 7: The Future of Coaching

13th October 2022 by George Warren

In this episode we explore the topic through a lens of issues including the need to democratise coaching, the climate…


We’re all climate coaches now

1st November 2021 by George Warren

The coaching space is one of abundance and opportunity. With our client we can journey to the past or to…


How directive should coaches be around climate change?

24th February 2021 by George Warren

The coaching industry is evolving rapidly. Businesses are increasingly offering coaching to a wider proportion of their staff – no…