Mark Powell

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A coaching style shifts DEI

14th March 2023 by Mark Powell

Tackling diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) head on has some merits and also has drawbacks as it can generate unintended…


Why leaders who coach strengthen transformations

23rd January 2023 by Mark Powell

When an organisation sets out on a transformation, what are they ultimately aiming for? And how is this different to…


Coaching for conscious change

24th January 2023 by Mark Powell

Coaching has yet to reach its true transformational capacity, however the ground is now fertile for the unleashing of the…


Coaching contradictions

28th November 2022 by Mark Powell

Leadership changes and doesn’t change. Yes, contradictions are alive everywhere. What does shift, almost week to week, is the context…


How do great leaders build strong teams?

25th October 2022 by Mark Powell

I was recently asked: “What are the qualities of the best team leaders I have worked with?” It was a…


Becoming a better leader – learn coaching

3rd December 2020 by Mark Powell

If you are an organisational leader or high potential thinking about how you can advance your leadership capability, then “graduating”…


Benefits of Becoming a Coach

9th November 2020 by Mark Powell

As we learn and deepen our experience with coaching we start to appreciate its many benefits.


Think Resilience – Think Systems

12th June 2020 by Mark Powell

Resilience is less a state then a relational force. We may like to think of it simply as a competency…


The Emergence of Resilience Leadership

7th May 2020 by Mark Powell

The Emergence of Resilience Leadership as a core capability for the future. There is a lot being said about resilience.…