Book review – From Mercenaries to Missionaries by Martin Murphy

25th June by Lee Robertson

Reading time 2 minutes

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Book review - Mercenaries to Missionaries by Martin Murphy

This is the latest publication from Martin Murphy who is an international coach and trainer specialising in leadership, teamwork and personal development.

In this title the author explores the elite team concept and draws on the many lessons he learned as a former Special Forces soldier and troubleshooter. Putting his own experiences to good use, Murphy makes a compelling presentation of his new methodology for designing and leading high-performing teams. Written primarily with business owners and senior leaders in mind, the book is must-read for those seeking to achieve great results in a new way that empowers both the boss and the workforce.

Other reader reviews have described it as being a ‘blueprint for 21st century leadership’, ‘brilliant’ and a ‘fresh approach to leadership’ and I agree with the five-star rating it has so far received.

I had approached this book expecting it to be a heavy read, but instead found it to be a very personable and engaging read. Murphy does an excellent job of bringing a drawl subject to life and has injected humour and conviction into the core of the book which makes it incredibly easy to read cover to cover.

In Murphy’s introduction he talks about being on a mission to make effective leadership common place because the planet needs it, people need it and our future generations need it. So, at a time where the collective leadership concept is very much at the fore of how to do business successfully and accountably, this book’s release could not have been timelier.

From Mercenaries to Missionaries is bursting with digestible content, boasts a wealth of top tips and is packed with wise observations and guidance for ways of improving an individual’s leadership style and people management prowess. If you are interested in leadership, looking to grow your business or want to develop the team around you, this should be top of your reading list for 2019.

I found the book to be absorbing and thought provoking and I suspect; it will have some readers doing a bit of soul searching.

From Mercenaries to Missionaries is very relatable and has been written in a way that will make it appeal to a wider range of readers than most regular leadership development guides would generally accomplish. It is full of practical strategies and will have you reaching for it time and time again, long after you first closed it.

For professionals like coaches who are connected to or wanting to learn more about collaborative working or helping their teams perform at their very best, this book gives a masterclass in why it is important to create alignment in today’s organisations. Murphy gets under the skin of current leadership thinking to convincingly share effective ways for businesses to navigate their way through the volatile, complex and fast changing world we live in.

Jon Davidge, former head of training and development at the Leadership Trust refers to the book in the foreword as being rich, provocative and practical material and I would second his assessment. This book should rightfully be regarded as a manifesto for excellence in leadership and people management. Murphy’s own life experiences and abundant passion give this book a distinctive edge. Based on its high standards, I don’t think From Mercenaries to Missionaries would be out of place as a valuable tool for benchmarking your own leadership capabilities or that of your senior executives.

I don’t hesitate in recommending you a grab a copy for yourself today.


From Mercenaries to Missionaries is available from Amazon.