Episode 6: Democratising the Coaching Experience for Young Professionals

8th April by Gina Lodge

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Coaching Conversations with the AoEC – Podcast

Episode 6 – Democratising the Coaching Experience for Young Professionals

Executive coaching has historically been linked with senior business leaders and high-potential employees who are being fast-tracked through the management ranks of organisations. However, recent events have created a new dialogue between employees and employers.

Young professionals are entering the workplace with a different set of expectations as to what their working identity means to them. As Deloitte points out ‘they are more likely to hold true to their ideals and demand accountability’ and will lean into their values when it comes to making their career decisions.

With priorities changing for employees and employers alike, this podcast episode explores some of the reasons why it is good business practice to democratise coaching and give young professionals access to coaching far earlier in their careers. We also look at the value created by equipping young talent with coaching skills and why a coaching approach is central to building key, transferable skills which are crucially needed in the workplace.


You can link with the podcast participants here:

Gina Lodge, CEO, The Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC)

Chloe Garland, Founder, Quarter-Life

Charlie Stainforth, Founder and CEO, Circl